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School raffle - do I need a gambling license?

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ketchupkisses Wed 17-Mar-10 13:19:24

I've worked out so far that I don't need a license because we will count as a small society. However, I can't work out if I need to register as a small society with the local authority. I'm finding conflicting info on the website. In some places it says that if you wont raise more than £20k you're exempt. In other places it asks for a registration costing £40 plus £20 per year.

Has anyone got any experience they can share? My local authority gambling people are being completely unhelpful.

familygirl Wed 17-Mar-10 13:28:35

We have one for preschool. Not sure of the details as to why that was decided we neeeded one, but conclusion was we do... sorry can't be of more help!

JoeJoe1977 Wed 17-Mar-10 13:35:57

If you are selling tickets at an event i.e. the raffle will be drawn and prizes awarded at the same time that you are selling them, then you do not need a licence. If you are selling raffle tickets in advance you need to register with your local council.

It does make sense, as anyone who purchased a ticket can then check with the council that the raffle was drawn and the prizes were awarded. There are also regulations around the prizes and keeping records of what numbers were used. You also need to state on the tickets that you are registered and have named persons to contact.

We have one for the school PTA and I'm helping sort one out for a toddler group at the moment.

Why don't you try speaking to a local printer who prints the tickets? They will be aware of the regulations around this and might be able to advise you how to sort things out with the council in your area.

ketchupkisses Wed 17-Mar-10 14:07:59


Very happy to pay for one if its needed. We do want to sell tickets in advance so that the tickets help advertise the event.

spiderpig8 Wed 17-Mar-10 17:10:07

We are having a big easter raffle and get round this by drawing a very small prize eg a cadburys creme egg,every day we sell tickets, until the big draw at the end.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 17-Mar-10 17:22:52

You do need to note that children are not allowed to buy tickets, so parents musn't put their children's names on the stubs.

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