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Glendower or Falkner House?

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S999 Fri 29-Jan-10 15:13:38

Any opinions? does anyone have any experience please, not sure which one to send DD to?
thank you so much

EleanorD Wed 26-May-10 16:59:41

Falkner House gets my vote.

S999 Fri 28-May-10 15:37:30

Ah! is your daughter going there? Or do you have on there already? we chose Falkner in the end too. DD is so excited as are we.

EleanorD Fri 04-Jun-10 15:32:43

My first baby is due in October and if it's a girl then I'll definitely sign her up for FH. However, I have to admit I'm seriously biased (!) I went there myself (as did my 3 sisters), loved it (and my mother also happens to be headmistress!!). When is your DD starting? Is she going to the nursery or straight to the main school?

Yummaymummay Fri 04-Jun-10 19:16:57

Oh that is great to hear about Faulkner, I am expecting twins, don't know the sex but if girls will be signing them up.
Can I ask why you enjoyed it so much and why you think it is superior to other central London preps?

EleanorD Sun 06-Jun-10 19:17:24

That's so exciting - many congrats on the news of your twins. To be honest, I'd love nothing more than to tell you exactly why I reckon FH is such a good school but I do feel a bit too biased to be doing that on a public forum! I reckon the best would be for you to go on a tour of the school (you can fix that up for whenever suits - call the school registrar on 020 7373 4501), see whether it's your general cup of tea and if you're torn or undecided in any way then I'd be more than happy to chat to you about exactly why I think it's so good!!

S999 Mon 07-Jun-10 10:43:02

My DD was accepted in Glendower, Newton, Queens College, Pembridge Hall. WE visited all of them and without a doubt, Falkner House is a different league.

When DD got a place at Glendower and FH, we had a bit of peer pressure from other mums to consider the former. So I panicked a little bit but deep down, FH was always our first choice.

For me, it's not just about the academics (which are top notch) but on meeting some of the girls, sensing the vibe, the atmosphere and the headmistress's and teachers' attitude towards education, DH and I were thrilled. We felt DD would end up with all the right sort of values to go with a great academic education.

YummayMummay, sign up in early for nursery! My friend's DD is there and has super positive things to say about it.

EleanorD, how exciting to have you on this thread. My DD is starting in Reception and is desperate to wear the uniform already. It's going to be a long summer!

EleanorD Mon 07-Jun-10 11:53:42

Oh good S999 - I'm so glad you liked FH so much and chose it over all those other schools. I've no doubt we'll meet at some point over the next 7 years and be able to put a face to the mumsnet username! I hope you have a fab summer and your DD enjoys the uniform (which I always loved wearing - particularly the cape!).
YammyMummay - I completely agree with S999 - if you're interested in FH then do sign up v.early for nursery because people are getting v.keen beany about when they sign up after birth and it's done on a first come first served basis.

EleanorD Mon 07-Jun-10 12:28:18

S999 - are you going into the school for some event (tea or lunch or something) on Thurs?

S999 Mon 07-Jun-10 14:00:05

Hi! Yes DH and I are going to be visiting in the morning, I believe. Will check the times and next week with my daughter for the uniform (hurrah!).

VictorVictoria Mon 07-Jun-10 14:09:50

Oh I am sooo hoping to get my daughters into FH. My husband I were SO impressed. I jjst hope my eldest not being at the nursery wont put her at toomuch of a disadvantage when it comes to the assessment........

EleanorD Mon 07-Jun-10 14:26:57

Oh good stuff - I hope you have a good morning visit on Thurs. Do make the connection with my mother (Mrs Griggs) if you see her there (I know she'd find it amusing).
VictorVictoria - I'm so glad you like FH so much and were so impressed by it. It really makes me very happy to hear that unbiased people also think so highly of it!! Fingers tightly crossed for the assessment, I'm sure it will be completely fine!

S999 Mon 07-Jun-10 15:21:24

Hi there, I will most certainly mention it to Mrs Griggs, it is quite amusing. I do love this site, I have to say. Now if only someone could help with my son's potty training...
Anyway, VictorVictoria, being at the nursery is not a guarantee by any means. My DD was not at the nursery and I must say, I was having a nervous breakdown in the week or so up to the assessment (EleanorD - please don't tell your mother!) although I didn't let on to DD at all.
Really, I do think that the teachers are so very experienced, they can tell a good FH girl. Plus they were so kind, smiley and lovely, DD went off so happily to the assessment room, she didn't look back at all. It's nice they let them see/meet the other Reception girls, I think that really puts them at ease.

S999 Mon 07-Jun-10 15:23:14

BTW Congratulations on your pregnancy EleanorD, in all the excitement, forgot to wish you! If it's a boy, please tell us where you would recommend?! I have a younger son too who is down for St Philip's, right by FH.

EleanorD Mon 07-Jun-10 15:37:06

S999 - don't worry, your secret is safe with me! (I think the girls are normally v.chilled and relaxed about it, it's the parents who suffer!)
Thanks for the congrats. The thought of having to figure out what to do if it's a boy is freaking me out slightly! I hear Wetherby is very good and vaguely comparable to FH. St Philips strikes me as being a really nice school (but it only goes from 7 I think doesn't it?). What I'd really hope for would be Wetherby until 7 and then play it by ear depending on how it's all going. Thomas' (I forget which one is most highly regarded) is also supposed to be good. I need to look into it all properly - I'll let you know how my research goes!

VictorVictoria Mon 07-Jun-10 15:50:52

EleanorD I also have to say that were terribly terribly inmpressed with your mother. Hope she intends to stay for a bit..........

I happen to think that DD1 is a classic FH girl!

As far as boys are concerned, slightkly depends where you live. My DS (5) is at Eaton house the Manor Pre prep on Clapham Common as we live right by the river but I hope to move him to Sussex House at 8. Have friends with children at Wetherby who are very happy with it

EleanorD Mon 07-Jun-10 16:26:36

Thank you VictorVictoria, that's lovely to hear - I'll pass that on to my mother (who, fret not, has no current departure plans!).
Eaton Square is another one that's def on my list too. How do you find it? Good to hear about Wetherby. I'm going to be hanging around West London (about to move to Hammersmith) so it will be a bit of a commute no matter what for a while.

EleanorD Mon 07-Jun-10 20:55:08

Oops, I meant Eaton House rather than Eaton Square...

VictorVictoria Tue 08-Jun-10 07:55:25

WE are really really pleased with Eaton House (although the Belgravia one may have a different vibe to the Clapham one). If you are in Hammersmith tho Wehterby makes much more sense geographically.

S999 Wed 09-Jun-10 20:11:39

Hi there, very excited about going to FH tomorrow!
Yes, St Philip's is from 7, before then we have chosen Hawkesdowne House in Notting Hill. There will be some interesting school run antics between Gloucester Rd and there between 8-8.30am!
Most of DD's male friends from nursery are going to Wetherby or Chepstow House (new co-ed school in Notting Hill run by same company). Wetherby is very very well regarded and apparently got some amazing 7+ results this year, record number into Colet Court. The other one we are quite keen on, same as you EleanorD, is Thomas's in Kensington. But very few places as there are so many siblings every year but definitely worth putting name down for.
If you are in Hammersmith, what about Norland Place, that's also very well-respected, I don't know how you feel about co-ed tho.
When are you due? I am currently expecting my 3rd...! due in November...

EleanorD Thu 10-Jun-10 09:31:12

Hope all goes well at FH today!
Thanks for letting me know your thoughts on boys schools - that's all very useful because I'm very in the dark about it all.
I hadn't thought about Norland Place and I also haven't figured out exactly what my thoughts are on co-ed for a son. As soon as I go on maternity leave I'm going to go on tours of all these schools I reckon and properly think about it!
I'm due 9th Oct - having it at Queen Charlottes. So exciting about expecting your 3rd, how lovely. I'm assuming you don't know whether it's a boy/girl? You're so lucky to have one of each already so it doesn't matter!

S999 Fri 11-Jun-10 14:48:12

Hi! Was lovely to meet your mother yesterday and really enjoyed the meeting. Felt quite emotional afterwards, a new chapter begins for the whole family. Very exciting.
And your mother and I had a good chuckle about our online meeting.
Hope you are feeling well this pregnancy. No, I haven't found out yet, I shall do though. I've had enough surprises for one pregnancy!
Take care!

EleanorD Fri 11-Jun-10 17:08:47

Oh goodie - I'm really glad you had such a good day yesterday. My mother said it seemed like it was going to be a really really nice and good class, she was v.excited about it. I'm not surprised you found it emotional afterwards - it really is a whole new chapter.
I'm feeling v.well now thanks, much much better than a few months ago so that's lovely. Exciting that you're going to find out the sex - I sometimes wonder why I haven't because I'm so so curious.
Your daughter clearly left a very positive impression on my mother and the others doing the assessment - I hear her outfit was amazing!!

thaliablogs Tue 20-Jul-10 21:15:15

Interested to find this thread, I am currently expanding our horizons on possible schools for my daughter - she'll start primary in Sept 2012 when she'll be almost 5. Some friends have daughters and Glendower and like it a lot, but googling Glendower I found this thread and now think we should be applying to Falkner house!

I assume since there is an assessment at 4 that they will not discriminate against us for not having applied yet? All the schools in West London seem to do a first come first served policy so although we registered DD the day she was born, she is only on the wait list at Pembridge, Norland House, Thomas's and Ravenscourt Park Prep. She is also in for the lottery at Bute House.

Any thoughts much appreciated (eleanor the form says who recommended us, can I put your name down??)

Midge99 Mon 02-Aug-10 16:03:54

Variant on a theme - Pembridge or Norland for a girl moving in from overseas.

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