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Chesham primarys :Little Spring vs Hawridge &Cholesbury

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gettinganewlife Thu 12-Nov-09 21:29:47

Hi . Will be moving shortly to the Hivings Area of Chesham in Buckinghamshire does anyone have any feed back about these two schools? Have done a fair bit of research into bothand so far here are the pros n cons of each:

Little Spring;
PROS: walking distance; seems great pastorally; relative went there and loved it,as did many friends;nice website etc; have places for both older dcs plus playschool on site for younger two; multicultural...

CONS: Not great rep or ofsted report( but I think they may have just had a better one); a few er unpleasant people my brother knows have kids there; education wise dcs doing very well but a lot of kids there below average due to cultural/language issues

PROS: Have nephew in the school already so handy to share pick ups etc with bro's family;nice village location, good ofsted report; bus picks up dcs at 8.15 then gone til nearly 4 (imagine the peace lol);

CONS;Abit well WASP-y maybe? ; have to appeal to get ds in although have place for dd1; have missed deadline for dd2 so may have to appeal for place; two mothers I know are considering sending dcs back to little spring as they think H&C is going downhill..

Anyhow feel free to offer any help/advice and please dont flame me if I have got the wrong end of the stick as am moving back from abroad so a lot my info is heresay ie prob wrong


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