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When english isn't the child mother tongue

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Pitchounette Thu 12-Nov-09 20:08:25

Message withdrawn

luciemule Thu 12-Nov-09 20:21:16

Schools are supposed to make it as easy as possible and my sister in law (who teaches a large of Polish and Portugese children) makes sure that she copies sheets with everyday words in their mother tongue (sun/rain/days/numbers/hello/please/thank you etc) so that they can point/say their words.
Also, I think they're supposed to have books in the mother tongue language. However, because your DS is probably not reading quite yet, both of those suggestions would be tricky.
When I supported a spanish boy (7), I asked him to teach me some spanish as it helps to keep him focussed and get him back on track when his mind wondered. Speaking and working in english was tiring for him so I made it fun by getting him to teach me. Perhaps you could ask his teacher to learn a few french words to make him feel more at home. That way, he won't feel so isolated and won't mind speaking english in return.
Are you and your partner french and english? Could each of you speak the mother tongue to your DS? That' what a friend did and their girls have never had any problems from as soon as they could talk. So whenever they're asked something in whichever language, they can easily converse in either.
You could also check out the DCSF website: Hope this helps smile

Pitchounette Thu 12-Nov-09 20:26:56

Message withdrawn

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