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Year 4 - targets, and a book suggestion?

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Libertyloberty Thu 12-Nov-09 11:22:32

We had ds's parents evening this week, and was told he was 'extremely bright', which of course is very lovely smile and I am really pleased he is doing so well.

He has been given targets of 4b in reading, and 4c in writing and maths. Where can I find information about what this actually means in terms of what he meant to do? I have never pushed him (I am too lazy for that), but I would just like to know what those standards are. I had a quite google, but everything I found sounded like education-speak if you know what I mean.

Also, he has just finished reading all of the Series of Unfortunate Events and has absolutely loved them. Any suggestions for things in the same vein? He loves books, but isn't into the typical rough-tough adventure stuff that seems aimed at boys, and likes modern stuff (I tried him with Enid Blyton ages ago and he said it was just too boring).

Thanking you in adance smile.

Libertyloberty Thu 12-Nov-09 13:24:47

Any education bods about or books for boys experts smile?

florenceuk Thu 12-Nov-09 15:27:00

Does he like fantasy? DS is in Yr 3 but reasonably good at reading He likes reading stuff like:

How to train your dragon (Cressida Cowell)
Spiderwick chronicles (Holly Black)
Roman mysteries (loads here)
Horrid histories and their many spin-offs
Terry Deary's series on the Firethief
All of those "My Story" books which Scholastic do which are diaries from people living through the Blitz, the Trenches, Ancient Egypt
Nelly the Monster sitter series (Kes Gray)
Michael Morpurgo - lots to choose from here
Chris Riddell - Far flung adventures (Fergus Crane and Corby Flood) and the Ottoline books
Ian Beck - Tom Trueheart (the 2nd is darker than the first)

On modern stuff, apparently Diary of a Wimpy Kid is very funny (might save up for Xmas for DS)

Libertyloberty Thu 12-Nov-09 22:27:33

Thanks for those - loads! We have done quite a few, but some new ones there too smile

Anyone got any advice on the targets bit smile?

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