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DS just doesn't seem to fit in

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TinksandFloris Thu 12-Nov-09 09:36:54

DS will be 7 in January.

When he started school in January '08 he was the eldest of his intake and so they put him into the class that had been established since September '07. He just didn't settle socially into a class that had already formed it's little friendship groups.

At this point I'll say that DS is very chatty and enjoys interacting with people. Not shy at all.

In September '08 the two classes weren't mixed up much, however DS was put back with the January intake children in the second class as they thought this was better for him. It was the right move and he flourished last school year.

He has stayed with the same class this year, again they have decided not to mix them up. However, DS has been the most unsettled I've ever seen him. He plays with lots of children at school but often says that he gets told by other children that he's not allowed to play with them.

I've been to school to see if there's anything we can do to help him feel more settled and they've said they'll keep an eye on him.

I just don't know what to do, he was in tears this morning saying he felt ill and that he also doesn't want to go to school as his closest friends 'best friend' is back from holiday and that means they won't play with him again.

We invite friends round after school and he always has a lovely time.

I wish he wouldn't be so sensitive. Has anyone had any similar experiences or solutions they can share with me?

Pitchounette Thu 12-Nov-09 11:46:31

Message withdrawn

TinksandFloris Thu 12-Nov-09 12:23:42

He's being bullied by 3 11 year olds and he's only just told me this morning. He says it has only been going on a few weeks but given his knowledge of time frames it could be more or less!

FimbleHobbs Thu 12-Nov-09 13:08:49

Oh bless him, poor him and poor you. I am glad you have found out a possible cause but sorry that its bullying. (Hope that makes sense)

Sorry for not having any advice, just couldn't not reply.

soozeedol Thu 12-Nov-09 15:30:47

Hi there, my son is 9yrs and though he plays with people in school he doesnt really have friends outside of school. He doesnt really have any issues with this as he is quite happy in his own company, once hes had a day of it in school he actually seems to need the time out from people.
Im not sure if your son has any behavioural issues at all???
My son is confident and perhaps older than his years and finds it difficult to be with children his own age but is great with younger ones and enjoys the company of older children. He has sufferred quite a bit of bullying as he does have some behavioural issues but he now attends a school who are working very hard and are incredibly supportive and he is flourishing really well. They have a no blame policy and focus more on putting the wrong right than handing out punishments right left and centre as alot of schools do. I dont want to make it sound as tho your son has any issues but why are children saying they are not allowed to play with him?????

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