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Croydon Independent primaries for girls

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Rainbowinthesky Wed 11-Nov-09 09:43:34

Need to consider taking DD out of her state primary as we're not very happy.
OPtions are to keep her there and tutor her for 11+ exams or take her out and send her private.

Which would be the best value for money do you think - keep her in a "satisfactory school" but have money to supplement her education (also have an older sibling to pay for although not private), send her to Lalehamlea or Old Palace?

Rainbowinthesky Wed 11-Nov-09 13:24:17


LadyMuck Wed 11-Nov-09 14:55:50

I guess in part the answer depends on what you want to do at secondary level. Both Old Palace and Croydon High obv have senior schools and therefore whilst a number of girls do sit for 11+ at Wallington Girls and Newstead Woods, most stay on. If you wanted to go for either of those schools then you would probably end up tutoring in any event.

I would be cautious about Laleham Lea as they had a rather turbulent time recently tbh. Old Palace has undergone the merger with Croham Hurst and is still trying to settle down. Fab facilities though as you'd expect given the junior school is now on the site of a former 4-18 school. What about Croydon High? If the RC nature of Laleham appeals then how about Oakwood School (bottom of St James Hill). St David's Purley also gives good prep for 11+ but isn't RC.

Rainbowinthesky Wed 11-Nov-09 19:23:01

Thanks Ladymuck.

Bump for other opinions please.

ninamag Thu 12-Nov-09 12:18:29

I have a friend with one child at Laleham Lea there are only 7 in his class, all boys. She is moving him next year to be honest I don't think it will still be there in a few years from now.

My brother went to Royal Russell and was really happy although it doesn't have the reputation as really academic.

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