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St Johns Caterham

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Cazza4 Sun 08-Nov-09 19:13:30

We are moving to Woldingham in December and I have four babes needing school places.
My eldest can get into Woodlea (hurrah) but the next two in years 2 and 1 can't. However, they can get into St John's in Caterham. This one seems a bit of a hot potato. A terrible Ofsted but some new management, could they turn things around?
I would be very grateful for some local knowledge. By the way I would only have them at St John's until a place at Woodlea became available.
St John's or homeschooling? Any thoughts?
Thank you,

ninamag Mon 09-Nov-09 21:10:28

My niece went to St Johns she was fine for the first few years then she had issues with bullying. The school didn't help the situation and it plagued her from year 3 to 4. She has now moved schools. From what I saw the infant was better than the junior department.

MrsMonkey Wed 11-Nov-09 03:10:40

Hi Cazza4,

I can't help you with St John's I'm afraid - other to mention that someone else warned me off it on another thread.

However we are almost in the same boat as you. We are moving to Warlingham in April next year. I need schools for two of my little beans, my third is still a baby so don't have to worry about her just yet at least.

The only primary in the area I've found with year 1 places available is Warlingham Primary. We too are on waiting lists for a year 1 place at Woodlea, amongst other schools. I would really love to get both mine in the same school but I know that it is a long shot. My middle child will need to start reception next September so we have applied to three primaries for him too, but won't find out what he has been offered until next year.

I've also been looking at Private schools as a possible short term option as I really can't see myself homeschooling. Caterham Prep, Essendene and Oakhyrst Grange are all fairly close - have you looked at those at all as a short term fix while you wait for places at woodlea? Would love to hear your opinions of any of them or in fact any of the local state primaries - annoyingly we are too far away to view them until next year so I'm working in the dark at the moment.

I'd love to hear how you get on with the move and how you find the area - we are moving from overseas so I know almost nothing about the area/schools/shops or anything! You can find me at mrsmonkey at live dot com if you don't want to post here.

At least now your eldest is in Woodlea you will have jumped up the waiting list! If you get in can you ask a couple of people to leave Year 1 so that my little one gets a place in April ;-)

Good luck!

Cazza4 Wed 11-Nov-09 19:08:40

Hi Ninamag,
Thank you for your comments and to tell me of your neice's experience. I am going to take the plunge and hope that I can get them into Woodlea before they go into Juniors.

Hi MrsMonkey,
Gosh, and I have been whittling about moving forty minutes from where I am now.
I looked at Warlingham Primary but found it even more of a riot than St John's. Sorry to dampen any high hopes. Tatsfield has a very good reputation and I looked around and it was excellent but no places to offer me. Perhaps there might be something when you come back to the UK.
I have decided to take the plunge with St John's. If the babes don't settle then I can go back to the plan of homeschooling.
Good luck with your move. I am now going to look at pre-schools for my youngest. I will send you the low down for your babe.

MrsMonkey Thu 12-Nov-09 13:06:27

Thanks Cazza4! I had a feeling that Warlingham Primary wouldn't be a good fit for us - the lack of facilities is a big turn off in itself and we didn't list it as one of our three choices for reception. It is about our 5th or 6th closest school I think.

Good luck with your move too and fingers crossed that your year 1 and 2 find a place at Woodlea soon - what a pain for you to have your little ones scattered over two schools. Three if you count preschool too. I'm hoping to avoid the same, but it isn't looking good so far!

Just spoke to another private and they have space in year 1 but not reception.

Would love to hear the lowdown on preschools when you have the time! Cheers!

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