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New to NW3; school?

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SparklinSophi Wed 04-Nov-09 21:00:08

Hubby and I are moving to Hampstead (NW3) from sunny climes on Stockholm (ha). Little boy is 4 and we want him to start in September 2010.

Schools here are, well, crazy. We've been recommended Devonshire House, Northbridge and the Hall.

DH's school friends speak highly of the Hall. But it has a strict admission policy.

What is my little guy expected to do?

He has good Swedish and English. Not much writing. We are being assessed ('out of the ordinary' apparently) in early new year.

Swedes2Turnips0 Thu 05-Nov-09 11:20:48

I know a Swedish family who also live in NW3 and have twin boys at Lyndhurst House. They speak very highly of it.

newweeknewname Thu 05-Nov-09 11:56:23

Yes, I would put a vote in for Lyndhurst above the Hall. It is a small school with happy atmosphere and quite nurturing. Both are boys only tho.
Northbridge is mixed and has a wider mix of international children which might suit you as well.
Are you moving permanently to London or do you expect to move abroad again in the future?

Benedictsson Sat 15-Jan-11 22:28:40

My son (who is also half Swedish) did the interview when he was 4 at The Hall. I had not prepared him in the slightest and my son had a great time doing it and he was offered a place which I turned down. My son then went to the local state school for a couple of years and then when he was 7 he sat the exams for Highgate and UCS and did another interview for the Hall. He now goes to the Hall and loves it. It is so much the school for him and I think that the teachers and staff have been wonderful. He has found some really good friends and is having a great time. However, North London is very unique in the sense that we have many good schools (both State and Independent) that are very different and there is a good chance to find a school that suits your child. I am not familiar with Lyndhurst but I have only heard good things about Northbridge House and there is also Trevor-Roberts which people rave about, King Alfred's , Heathside etc etc. In the end, it is a bit of pot luck where ever you go but you have a wide choice. Hope this helps

horsemadmom Sun 16-Jan-11 01:08:23

Go see Hampstead Hill School. All three of mine went and have gone on to fantastic schools. It will give you time to see which school will really suit your son at 7. You don't want to find that you are stuck until 11 or 13 in a school that doesn't suit and won't prepare for the 7+
There are many Swedish (and every other origin) families. It is very down to earth. Very low tally of spoilt brats. The mums are extremely friendly and social. Andrea, the head, really gets to know each child and will give you great advice about the next schools to look at. They all come out with amazing confidence.
If I seem a bit evangelical about it, it's because my 3 kids (one extremely gifted, one bright dyslexic and one clever but very lazy) all did very well there, went onto NLCS, CLSG and UCS, never felt pressured, made friends they have kept and still talk about HHS with such fondness. We go back for visits often as the teachers never leave and Andrea is never too busy to stop and chat about how they are doing.
Go have a look!

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