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ideas for xmas fair please!

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cnaik Wed 04-Nov-09 20:24:51

The PTA need some cheap and cheerful money spinning ideas for our xmas fair; please help!

andiem Wed 04-Nov-09 20:36:07

We have just had a brainstorm of new ideas and we are doing
Tug the tinsel you put lengths of tinsel in a big box, ends hanging out and the kids pull them ones with a star on the end win a prize
Hook a bauble like hook a duck
Guess the weight of a turkey
Find santa on a map, map divided into 150 squares you pay 50p for a square santa is in one win a prize
Find reindeer around the school everyone who finds them all wins a prize
We are also doing
Sweetie tombola
Bottle tombola
Craft stall
Mulled wine and biscuits
Large catering stall
Cake stall
Splat the rat
Guess the weight of an xmas cake
Secrets room for parents pressies
Raffle and others I can't remember!!!!

displayuntilbestbefore Wed 04-Nov-09 20:40:07

it's so depressing to find that everywhere the same stalls/games/raffles take place!
Can't offer anything different to above really - although we shelved the bottle tombola as it took from the main tombola (clearly too many parents more keen on alcohol than on letting their kids have a go on the kid-friendly tombola!) and we do a guess-the-number-of-baubles-on-the-tree thing too but I might nick the guess the weight of Xmas cake idea and put that forward at our next meeting!

Ali4cotswolds Wed 04-Nov-09 23:51:10

how about a wall of bids /auction of promises - individuals donate a skill etc that can be bought by being the highest bidder ~
evening of babysitting / a baked cake for a month / gardening / donated tickets to an event eg panto etc. Contact local pubs etc for a free meal etc

Jolly-Jars are always popular.
Each child brings in a decorated jam jar filled with sweets or this year our school are having a boy/girl theme and asking them to be filled with a small toy / hair slides/toy car etc. Put a coloured raffle ticket on top ... pay 50p for a lucky dip ticket! No cost involved for PTA as donated by families.

Ivykaty44 Thu 05-Nov-09 23:41:12

Pin the beard on santa

Christmas tree decoration

Painting nails - anyone that is good to do christams theme nail painting

Visit Santa for the children - well the adults if they really want to but its twice the price

Ivykaty44 Thu 05-Nov-09 23:42:13

Oh yes and tubes of icing - you get them in the cake part at sainsbury baking section

Then digestive biccys and let the dc decorate a biccy with the icing for 50p

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