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Need a hug or kick up the behind?-bit long

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classic62 Wed 04-Nov-09 10:03:59

Have DD who is 6. She bright,articulate and has an opinion. She likes to take the lead which although needs to be encouraged,I still remind her that other people have ideas as well. She has taken this on board and will invite people to do something rather than tell them for want of better description and walk away if not interested. Last week on way to school she informed that teacher had singled her out because in her words teacher said X mom had been in and said x had had a dream that DD was going to be bossy to her when she got to school. DD said she was upset and embarrassed....of course I was mortified. I spoke to teacher who apologised for how it was handled and implied wrongly I guess that X mom was in alot about her being upset and needs to toughen up a little! I understand that if X has problem justified or not it should be dealt with but to humiliate a child who as far as teacher is concerned is a pleasure and credit to be around. The mother of child has taken to inviting children for tea.....luckily DD says she doesn't just breaks my heart. She isn't an angel but she isn't the horror she is being made out to be. Just needed to get it off my chest...thanks for reading!

classic62 Wed 04-Nov-09 10:49:58

I need the hug or kick up the behind for overreacting....not anyone else....just to be clear !

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