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jomummy2 Wed 04-Nov-09 05:38:55

Yesterday my DS's Reception class did a work show it was on just before school finished at 3:30pm. The letter for it was sent out a few weeks before half term (i say letter but it was a couple of lines at the bottom of a newsletter). I read it at the time and then wrote it on my calendar.

Anyway, yesterday i sent DS into school, kissed him goodbye etc etc. I then returned at 3:30pm to pick him up. When i got there my DS was disraught - little red eyes and still crying. I'd missed his 'work show' had clean got out of my head and apparently when the mum's and dad's arrived and i was missing he was insonsolable. I have never missed a thing of DS's and i can only put it down to being 37 wks pregnant and complete forgetfullness.

I wasn't the only parent to forget but DS (He is end of July birthday) was the only one so upset.I am just so upset at the thoughts of him looking out for me and me not being there and then him crying for 45mins.

Moreover, part of me is mad that no reminders were sent out Monday for the event or even a mention of it as we dropped the children off in the morning.

Ultimately it was my fault which i accept but i feel like my heart has been squeezed and can't get over his little face when i picked him up. Feel just awful...wouldn't have minded if i'd been in work but i'm on maternity leave and was IRONING - Arrrrrrrrrgh.

Flightattendant Wed 04-Nov-09 06:22:38

Oh I can understand how you feel.
Really, really horrid for you, I know. I wonder though whether perhaps both you and your little boy are feeling worse about it for other reasons because of those dreaded pg hormones, which I know could reduce me to a little heap of tears over almost anything (yellow pages ad, you name it)
and ds because - well, he's younger than my son was when he started recep, and almost every afternoon at the end of school, mine would cry and cry - he was just absolutely exhausted.

Not just physically but mentally; I think school stimulates them mentally so intensely all day, and they just feel full up with noise and being told what to do and all the different things going on, and find it really hard to process, thus the crossness or tears afterwards...

I would bet you anything he'll be fine this morning, well unless he is still tired, which is possible! wink
Mine missed a lot of time in reception just because he was overtired every day and went straight to sleep at 4pm quite often, on the sofa, then woke around 10pm, and was not quite up to things in the morning. I actually took him out eventually and sent him back in yr1, but then I am a big wuss mummy smile and I think they do adapt if you stick with it.

Sorry, I am rambling but my point is that I am sure tiredness has a lot to do with it and also perhaps he is a little bit anxious about your being pg and so close to new sibling arriving. It all builds up and I doubt it is all about the work show, I will admit now that I would definitely have forgotten as well grin

Cheer up chook.

risingstar Wed 04-Nov-09 09:00:18

forgive yourself!

tell him to make up for mummys forgetfulness, he can pick something special for the weekend. make it something you hate like soft play hell if you really want to be punished!

oh, and forgive yourself!

LIZS Wed 04-Nov-09 09:03:27

It won't be the last time this happens, so you'd better start accepting that noone is infallible ! We don't get reminders. Did you get a chance to look around anyway ?

jomummy2 Wed 04-Nov-09 09:34:54

no there was nothing to see they said. The teacher chatted to parents about what they'd been doing and then the parents sat in on a snippet of phonics and numeracy.

We had already had the parents open afternoon (replacing a standard parents evening)to see his work, classroom, chat to teacher so it wasn't a big thing from what i understand.

I just can't get his little face out of my head...those little red eyes. He is fine and gone to school happy enough and not mentioned anything more about it. Think my hormones and the build up to my section next week is making mne more teary about it

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