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Mumsnet poll - have your children started getting reading books home (state schools only please)?

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themumfromdelmonte Thu 29-Oct-09 13:16:47

Yes or no??

LB29 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:25:55

I take this is reception age?
Yes, last year my DD bought home books almost straight away but they contained no words and then she swapped to word bags, then onto proper books.

Smithagain Thu 29-Oct-09 13:26:07

No - but she is bringing home library books for me to read to and discuss with her.

Reading books from January, I believe.

VulpusinaWilfsuit Thu 29-Oct-09 13:28:47

You mean in reception? Yes, from the second week.

PanicMode Thu 29-Oct-09 13:29:40

Thus far we've just had reading books from the library to talk about - but at her parents evening, the teachers said that she's passed all her pre-reading markers, so she'll be starting after half term.

My son had ''reading books'' from day one in reception, but he wasn't actually reading until after half term.

monkeysavingexpertdotcom Thu 29-Oct-09 13:31:17

From reception - week 2 I think. One every day, expected to read it on that day too (we don't always manage it).

Kathyis12feethighandbites Thu 29-Oct-09 13:36:43

Yes but only in the last two weeks, and they haven't got any words in them.
And they're Biff Chip 'n' Kipper so are devoid of any literary or artistic merit.

InmyheadIminParis Thu 29-Oct-09 13:41:44

Yes - but only from about week 3 onwards. One a week. The first two were just picture books - Biff, Chip, Floppy et al, but now ...finally!... some with words, and a word sheet each week with words to learn too.
Why do you ask OP?

InmyheadIminParis Thu 29-Oct-09 13:45:53

PS Kathy - why do you say the Biff & Kipper books don't have any merit? I think they're a lot better than the old Peter and Jane (Peter pats the dog, Jane pats the dog, Mummy pats the dog, we all pat the dog - YAWN!) ones. Monster hunts, raft races, excitement galore...

lal123 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:48:23

I love the Biff and Kipper books - they get better by stage 5!!

themumfromdelmonte Thu 29-Oct-09 13:50:50

sorry yes, meant to put reception children not children but suppose it's obvious anyway blush

Niecie Thu 29-Oct-09 13:51:24

DS2 was in Yr R last year and got them from day 1. Initially changed daily but then changed twice a week as they got a little longer and also chose their own books for the days in between. We are expected to hear them read at least 5 times a week.

I have to agree with InmyheadIminParis - Biff and Kipper books may be dull but they are better than Peter and Jane and a lot of other schemes too.

How much of a plot line can you have with only 10 or 20 words anyway?!

themumfromdelmonte Thu 29-Oct-09 13:52:41

I ask as I think ds's school is weirdly late with all this stuff and everyone else seems to have started ages ago, or at least by now.

And I don't understand why there is such a huge difference when they're all supposed to be doing the same curriculum.

Builde Thu 29-Oct-09 14:05:37

We probably had reading books home by half term but I know that another local school didn't send them out til the Easter.

All schools vary in their approach, but it doesn't seem to make much difference to the children learning to read.

Our school goes for fewer but difficult books whereas another local schools goes for 6 books a week.

We just did 60 or so key words in a word tin, but another school has carried on their word tin until year 1.

we got books home from day one. we also got "told off" if we didnt read with our children most nights (not an issue for us but must be harder for larger families).

themumfromdelmonte Thu 29-Oct-09 14:15:06

shock at six books a week. That's so much - what if they're tired?!

we get a reading, maths and spellings a night plus musical instrument practice. Some night i just say no, we will read a book together and watch a dvd, kids are kids first imo

madamearcati Thu 29-Oct-09 15:10:15

We got books almost straightaway , only a few words on each page though

carocaro Thu 29-Oct-09 15:22:29

Yes from reception, DS1 in year three and has a new one every day, we don't always read it, but I am happy they are up to speed with it alll

mloo Thu 29-Oct-09 15:38:33

DS was in reception last year; no books home until January; this was part of the strategy they used with the Read Write Inc phonics/reading scheme. DS reads fairly average now: summer-born, yr1, maybe even above average reading ability for his age; I have 2 older DC to compare with.

Just ask at your school when they will start sending books home.

wheelsonthebus Thu 29-Oct-09 15:44:42

yes - reading books appeared in her bag from week 2 and we are supposed to read them together with her and give them back the following week.

Itsjustafleshwound Thu 29-Oct-09 15:51:28

Yes - from week 1. The books had no words, DD just had to try and tell the me or the teacher what she thought was happening in the story.

They were exchanged for new books every week.

mrz Thu 29-Oct-09 17:44:59

I'm a reception teacher and most of my class don't have a reading book yet (only 4 children have books so far)
There is a difference between schools because there is a difference between children. Some schools bow to parent pressure and send books home even though children can't read them hmm

fridayschild Thu 29-Oct-09 17:58:01

We got books for us to read to DS2 from day 1. We got a book for him to read to us the week before half term - the first page I read to him to set the scene (so there is a bit of a plot) and then he reads the other pages to me. There is a lot of repetition and he was so keen to be a Big Boy and read to me that he had learned to recite it to me happily before I got home from work. He knows some of the words on his own.

I suppose it gets us into good habits though.

mrz Thu 29-Oct-09 18:47:19

My class also get a "story" book each week for parents to read to/with the child

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