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Parents evenings - what's normal?

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mmrred Wed 28-Oct-09 12:14:34

My DSSs' school has a new head, and we got a letter about parents evening, saying there were going to be some changes. Basically, they now assign parents a time, and if you can't make it you have to contact them and then it's a kind of lottery to see if anyone else wants to swap.

DH (who up until now has been as involved as possible given the difficult situation) couldn't go at the time given (work) phoned to get a new time and although the person on the end of the phone was very pleasant, the new time he was offered was even earlier, despite him teliing them what time he could be there.

WE've had a bit of difficulty with the school in the past (not passing on information etc) Just wondered if this was usual practice or whether other primaries let you indicate what time would be suitable?

mankyscotslass Wed 28-Oct-09 12:32:46

Well, we get a slip for each of our 3 dc at school, and we put a rough time scale on it that we would be available for, and write on them that they need to cordinate times with other classes because of siblings.

Then we get the time slot back, hopefully in the window we have asked for but they can't guarantee that. It's first come first served.

They do say that if none of the times given are suitable we can make arrangements to go intom school at another time to see the teachers.

Acinonyx Wed 28-Oct-09 12:37:49

We have lists of 10 min slots outside the classroom and we sign up for them. The last slots (6-7) always go immediately.

JustGettingByMum Wed 28-Oct-09 12:41:32

We have been unable to make our timetabled time, but class teacher has offered to rearrange for another day entirely (although to be fair, this will be at 3.15). School should be able to offer you some alternative if you genuinely can't make it on the appointed day/time. Have you asked them?

mmrred Wed 28-Oct-09 12:44:09

Yes, we asked them, and got a very sactimonious letter about how parents should put their kids first and how most work places should give parents time off to go. Do you think we should make a fuss and insist on meeting the teacher?

GrungeBlobPrimpants Wed 28-Oct-09 12:45:41

We have lists and sign up - there aren't many evening appointments and they always go first. I personally would like to see more evening appts (commuter belt so v diff for many to get back early) but dont think that would go down well with head or teachers.

Being allocated a time in way you describe would really piss me off, though. How do they know parents' preferences?!

Acinonyx Wed 28-Oct-09 12:51:25

Surely this must happen all the time. I would fuss and insist. There are plenty of jobs that are very restrictive wrt time off unless it's a life/death emergency - don't think parents' evening quite counts.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Wed 28-Oct-09 12:57:33

We get a letter out asking for our preferance Between say 3.15 and 4.45 and 5.15 and 6.30.
So far i've never had a problem although they do say they can only do their best.
I think the probem with the ones later in the day is that they probably fill up quickly with working parents and they do only have a limited space available.

katalex Wed 28-Oct-09 13:20:49

My eldest is in reception so I don't really know what's normal. Dh and I both work full time and I probably won't be able to finish early on the day of dd's parent's evening. The teacher said she'll be able to fit me in another day if necessary. They always seem to be very flexible.

crazycat34 Wed 28-Oct-09 14:41:56

If any of the parents of my children can't attend for any reason (or just don't bother to turn up) I always make myself available for a consultation at a time to suit us both.

Can't imagine why any teacher would make it difficult.

I do have a number of children in my class with family issues, so getting them to turn up at all is an achievement. I don't care if they don't want to sit in a crowded hall full of other parents, if they want to speak with me about their child they are welcome anytime.

And they know this.

missmapp Wed 28-Oct-09 14:58:56

I agree with crazyxat, for my class if parents cannot attend specified time I will arrange to see them on another day if needed, yes this will not be during the school day or past 7 oclock as on the parents meeting day, but will be on the day that suits them, I want to speak to the parents of the children in my class, so will do so when they can make it ( tho for many, they still dont/cant come!!)

annh Wed 28-Oct-09 15:02:47

What do they mean - most work places "should" give parents time off to attend? What absolute rubbish! Do they give their teachers time to attend their own children's parent-teacher evenings if they fall during the working day?!

missmapp Wed 28-Oct-09 15:09:21

No! Not at my school anyway

glinda Wed 28-Oct-09 15:27:52

My school's parents' evening was on the same night as my son's school's! Perhaps I should have asked my head for time off to attend!! wink

HappyMummyOfOne Wed 28-Oct-09 17:02:37

We book a ten minute slot but they are always running late. The teacher does tend to save the later slots for the mums that work and are booked into the after school club that evening. As most mums at school dont work this system works well at present.

madamearcati Wed 28-Oct-09 20:26:53

Why don't just you go ?

mmrred Wed 28-Oct-09 21:12:04

Because his Dad wants to talk to his teacher personally, (shocker) and because I work too.

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