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Governing Bodies - newsletters and questionnaires

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twinklytoes Tue 27-Oct-09 20:10:28

recently been suggested that our governing body should send out regular newsletters. those of you that have them can you let me know what you cover in them and how often you send them out. also who takes responsibility of compiling.

also seen on the other thread about parent satisfaction questionnaires - what are covering in these and when do you send them out.

sorry for all the questions. am on what probably is a very "silent" governing body and want to change that to one that does have presence within the school

trickerg Tue 27-Oct-09 20:35:56

Our Chair of Govs sends out a newsletter to parents once a term. She writes about policy decisions, such as progress with the Travel Plan, Healthy Schools, Community Cohesion, Extended Services, etc. Copies of the letters are put on the school's VLE so that parents can access them anytime. (They are in the same section as copies of policies.)

The parent satisfaction questionnaire is like an Ofsted questionnaire. We send one of these out every year (only to get the same disgruntled comments for and against homework!).

The governors have also sent out questionnaires to find out what extended services people would be interested in, and one to rate the degree of satisfaction after parents' evenings and whether timings should be changed.

We intend to send one out to create a skills base of parents in the near future.

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