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Making friends with parents

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mixedmamameansbusiness Fri 23-Oct-09 16:45:34

I am starting to realise over the last few years that I dont actually have many friends, which is fine as the ones I do have a "real" friends if that makes sense.

I would like to have more friends that I could do things with on a day to day basis though.

I work part time and study part time and DCs both go to a local nursery.

I would like to try and make friends with some of my fellow (mature) students and the parents at nursery but dont really feel confident about it.

One little boy is going off to school in Jan and DS1 has said he would like to invite him to his bday party (Feb) and I talk to his mum in passing and I like her, how could I go about initiating a friendship here that we could try to maintain outside with the kids in the first place.

I moved when i got married so my friends with children all live too far away to be a regular meet up opportunity.

ilovemydogandmrobama Fri 23-Oct-09 16:47:18

Invite her for tea/coffee after school? Or did you mean something where you go out?

mixedmamameansbusiness Fri 23-Oct-09 16:54:30

Tea / coffee would be fine. She works and I normally see her on my work days so it is 6pm and we are both rushing.

I wonder if I offered to pick her son up after nursery at 3pm on my day off for a play date and then she picked him up from mine whether she would agree.... I suppose that is difficult ground as I am not sure I would. Or maybe see if we could have a weekend playdate.

loonpants Fri 23-Oct-09 18:18:49

She might be thinking the same thing.

I'd offer and see how you go.

However, if her son has never been to your house, she might not want him to go without her. I certainly wouldn't, for all sorts of reasons and I think many share this view.

Invite them both in the first instance.

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