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year 1 or 2 maths

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puddinmama Sat 17-Oct-09 12:56:36

hi all

just wanted some advice about maths, my ds has started tens and ones in school, in northern ireland he would be primary 3 this year, we home educate, but i wanted to know how is it that they 'get' the concepts in school, ds now gets u know 29 is 2 tens and 9 units but addition ir proving a bit tricky, so what i want to ask is, if he was at school what approach would be used to teach these concepts and on average how long before a child gets it, or am i worrying about nothing and this is normal



trickerg Sat 17-Oct-09 14:03:11

Number lines (very visual - children like using these) or partitioning.

Number line (e.g. 29 + 26): Draw a line and mark 29 on the left end of the line, then draw 2 big jumps for the tens you are adding, marking +10 above each one (we call these kangaroo jumps), then draw a small bunny jump for the units, marking +6 above it. Your child should then be able to 'magic' the answer, writing each total below the number line at the end of each hop: 29 add 10 is 39, 39 ad 10 is 49, 49 add 6 is 55.
Do this in stages - practice adding tens on the NL, then add units to TU numbers using the NL, then tens and 5s, then TU. (That's the order I use - not set in stone!)

Partitioning: 20+9+20+6 = 20+20+9+6=
This looks easy, but I usually find children find this easier if they have done no. lines first and are ABSOLUTELY secure with TU. The numberlines help to organise the 6-7 year old brain - a hefty task!

Hope the no. line explanation is clear. It's really easy!

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