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DD1 good reader but 'hates writing'

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Shugarlips Thu 15-Oct-09 10:12:43

DD1 is a good reader for her age. She is 10, year 6 and level 4b but she is only a 3b for her writing. I am not bothered about levels but I suppose it gives an indicator - I just want her to have confidence when writing. I working in FE and see so many young people who have a block with writing.

Had a frustrating conversation with her yesterday because she says she hates literacy, says she can't write long stories and says she's not creative. I know whats happened - she has been made, at school to try to punctuate her work and spell correctly (too early) and it has taken away her confidence. How can I bring it back? She's has a real block against me helping and doesn't want to do extra work outside of school (can't say as I blame her!)

Any ideas???

Pyrocanthus Thu 15-Oct-09 16:34:11

Shugarlips - I just linked this thread to yours, because there are some parallels in the discussion about whether you should get a child writing first and worry about the technical skills after, or try to ensure correct spelling and punctuation from the start.

Is there any chance of lifting writing right out of the school context and encouraging a diary, or emails to relatives or something like that?

My less enthusiastic-about-writing DD used to balk at long stories, but would write really funny, very short poems.

I don't really know, but it's such a shame if she sees writing as an unpleasant activity she's obliged to do at school.

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