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spelling and grammar

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plama Wed 14-Oct-09 18:05:21

DD1 has had handwritten notes from her teacher in her homework book twice recently, with grammatical and spelling errors. What do you think I should do?

kittywise Wed 14-Oct-09 18:24:37

Ah, well i started a thread the other day as dd's teacher had said 'anyfink'.

That was wrong, but this is worse!!!!!

If I were you I would raise it with the head. It's obviously not alright for someone who is not aware that they are making mistakes to then teach your child. They cannot teach properly if they are ignorant of basic rules of spelling and grammar.

ramonaquimby Wed 14-Oct-09 18:26:12

they might be from the TA?

seriously, as a one off I couldn't be bothered.

SomeGuy Wed 14-Oct-09 18:39:04

Thread title should read 'speling and grammer'. wink

plama Wed 14-Oct-09 18:47:02

No both from the teacher and signed. I would also expect the TA to know spelling and basic rules of grammar too.

kittywise Thu 15-Oct-09 08:12:17

God knows how these teachers pass their course when they can's use English properlyangry

Isn't it incorrect grammar to say "also expect [something] too"? Either the "also" or the "too" is otiose, surely?

Bucharest Thu 15-Oct-09 08:18:43

But Prof, Plama isn't the teacher is she? grin

kittywise Thu 15-Oct-09 09:40:52

oh I can't use English properly eitherwink

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