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Please tell me about organising Santa's grotto at school Christmas fairs!

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rudolphreindeer Tue 13-Oct-09 22:38:39

Any suggestions re gift companies, what to charge, and how to manage the queues? Previously the charge has been £1.50 with a small present but we are wondering whether a higher charge with a better quality gift might be more profitable?

kcartyparty Tue 13-Oct-09 23:06:40

You need to try Baker Ross for gift ideas and fund raising fun

£1.99 would be a sensible price during this time of closed purses and shut wallets. People are not willing to spend too much at the moment, especially if they got more than 1 kid.

I should know I own a kids art cafe in N11. There is a definate concern over money being spent on kids treats

rudolphreindeer Wed 14-Oct-09 11:48:14

Many thanks for that - the Baker Ross website looks great! Any other ideas very welcome...

gremlindolphin Wed 14-Oct-09 16:44:08

We give ours books - wrapped into age appropriate piles.

Last years we had a photographer as well if people wanted it which seemed to go down well. You have to ensure you have a very photogenic santa and back drop!

The queue at our school is not usually too bad but we do have a lovely Santa who is very good at judging it just right with the littlies.

Good luck, I'll get back to you if I think of anything else.

posey Wed 14-Oct-09 20:22:29

We do books too. Big packs from The Book People, split up, so most books cost less than £1. We charge, I think £2, but build a very magical grotto to go in to see Santa.
All the books are categorised into girl/boy/unisex and age range.
Ds couldn't believe Father Christmas knew he liked Horrid Henry and was v pleased with his present smile

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