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thanks to everyone who suggested good causes our school could support

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edam Mon 12-Oct-09 10:17:56

Can't find the blasted thread again but just in case anyone remembers, thanks for suggesting good causes that would get the whole school involved in some kind of activity.

The school council (kids from each form) has chosen Mary's Meals and their Backpack project, which was an MN suggestion! And something I'd never have heard of without MN.

here for anyone else who is interested

Sorry but being unable to find the thread I can't thank the poster who suggested it - but hope she sees this.

Oh, and it turns out one of the key people involved is an old girl (long enough ago that no-one at school today knew her) so I'm particularly pleased MN helped me find this scheme. smile

NormaStanleyFletcher Mon 12-Oct-09 10:24:16

That looks interesting smile

May suggest to DS's school

gingertoo Mon 12-Oct-09 10:31:25

I suggested Mary's Meals a while back on here - don't know whether it was the same thread....

Really pleased that your school are going to support the scheme - It's an excellent cause imo. Our school and village are supporting the 'Backpack Project' - we've got 200 backpacks nearly ready to send!

Good luck

edam Mon 12-Oct-09 10:32:55

Ooh, I think it was you, Ginger, so thank you very much! Ds will love it, I'm sure, and they are going to get our 'old girl' into an Assembly to tell the children about the project. smile

gingertoo Mon 12-Oct-09 17:12:18

Pleased to help - hope it goes well

tkband3 Mon 12-Oct-09 17:16:06

I suggested Mary's Meals to our head on Friday, off the back of a recommendation on here (and also gave her some info on the negatives about Samaritan's Purse and Operation Christmas Child). I really hope they start supporting Mary's Meals - the backpack project sounds fantastic and there was so much information on their website about incorporating it into the curriculum it seems like a no-brainer to me smile.

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