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Cobham Schools

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Kingston49 Mon 12-Oct-09 10:11:35

Need advice on good Primary schools in and around Cobham. We are thinking of moving to Cobham but the schools question is a huge blocker.

Does everyone just send their children private?shock

Currently live in North Kingston with children (Reception and Yr2) going to local, amazing state school (Latchmere).

Rebeccaj Mon 12-Oct-09 10:59:14

Cobham has 2 state primaries - Royal Kent and St Andrews, both C of E, but you don't have to attend church to go. Both get outstanding Ofsteds.

The problem we found was secondary - there are no secondary schools for miles, you have to go to Walton/Chessington/Leathehead, which made us decide against it, as we were planning to stay put for 10+ years!

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