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Annan Farm Small School

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Shimmer Sun 11-Oct-09 22:11:30

Hi there, just wondering if anyone has any experience of this school (between Ringmer & Uckfield, East Sussex)?

DH and I visited a little while ago and loved it and will probably be sending DS there, but despite knowing lots of people in the area don't know anyone who's DCs have ever actually been there.

Any good or bad stories welcomed!! Thanks grin

Prunerz Sun 11-Oct-09 22:15:41

I just had a google because I think I read about this place or a place like it and I am nosey grin
What is Froebelian education?

gru Wed 14-Oct-09 12:19:52

I've got 2 of my boys at Annan farm, we've been there for 2 and a half years. I intend to keep them there until they are 7. the school is just what we want for them. My boys still follow the curriculum, have reading bags and are learning all the time but in a natural, non stressful, play centred, doing and stimulating way. They make so many things that i have to empty our kitchen display cuboard every term, which last term was full of things like clay sea life creatures, wood fairies, loo roll cameras,wood sculptures and drawings.
They also go to Forest school in the afternoon an hang out in the woods tracking, making dens, listening for birds and looking at animal poo! The garden is used to grow veg and wheat that they harvest and have made bread out of. There is out door play everyday and a huge range of things to do all within the topic of the term. My kids are growing in many ways. They have skills and are developing emotional intelligance, learning how to negiotiate and to express what they need. The atmostphere is calm and supportive and I know it's the kind of education I want for my kids. To top it all the Offsted report
has awarded Annan farm with Excellence.The only worry i have is where to put them when they are 7. I hope they will be so full of self worth that they can slot into any school and get the most out of it.

gru Wed 14-Oct-09 12:22:34

I think Froebel was a man who believed education should start from where the child was.
Therefore producing child centred teaching letting them take the lead and supporting them.

Shimmer Fri 16-Oct-09 21:57:34

Good to hear from you Gru! Thanks for your positive message! It does sound great and i'm really glad we've got a place for DS.

Prunerz, I think the essence of Frobelian education is learning through play at kindergarten level (ie. not forcing them into structured teaching at 4ish like most children are today) and also lots to do with being outdoors. Learning about the natural world is very important.

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