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Invited back for tea

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Niknak21 Sun 11-Oct-09 08:00:10

My friend's DD has just started primary school and has been invited to a little boys house for tea. My friend is unsure what to do, in her words, she doesn't know the family from Adam. What have you done in this situation?

overmydeadbody Sun 11-Oct-09 08:02:25

Well the only way to get to know the family is to accept these sorts of invitations.

Tell your friend to use her judgement and common sense and accept the invitation, but mayb offer to go with them from school to the house so she knows where the house is and can feel more settled. Then she can leave he DD there for a few hours and pick her up.

ssd Sun 11-Oct-09 08:27:07

go with your dd, have a cup of tea in the house and if your dd seems happy leave her to play. if she's not wanting to be left, go.

seeker Sun 11-Oct-09 08:29:53

What did she say when the invitation was issued?

"I'm not sure - I'll get back to you?"

smee Sun 11-Oct-09 20:53:29

It's fair enough to say DD isn't great about going with people she doesn't know, so is it okay if I come too first time - you can add that you won't stay if she's okay. I always did that with DS and nobody ever blinked.

Hulababy Sun 11-Oct-09 20:58:44

I took a deep breath and let DD go on playdates in reception. Parents collected her from school and we picked up later. Most parents I knew to at least say hello too and make small talk with in the playground, but often that was all.

neolara Sun 11-Oct-09 21:45:35

The first time my dd went on a playdate to a new friend in Reception I went with her. Subsequently she went by herself.

Niknak21 Mon 12-Oct-09 07:34:18

The Mum asked my friend's DH, he gave a non committal answer I think.

Told her your ideas and she's going to arrange it on one of her days off and go for a cup of tea.


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