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AliGrylls Wed 07-Oct-09 17:05:35

I was told by someone (can't remember who) that we would need to register our 3 month old child in a nursery if we wanted to stand a chance of him getting into one.

Is this true? If not, when do we need to register? If so, I am looking for a recommendation? Do they even need to go to a nursery to get into a good school?

I am a first time mum and completely clueless about how the nursery/school system works.

LIZS Wed 07-Oct-09 17:13:19

If you mean for starting when he is 2-3 it sounds like rubbish tbh - "putting your name down" simply means you get sent the paperwork to apply nearer the time but no guarantee of a place. School nurseries usually have an application procedure the year before, ask each one in case they differ, and other preschools/playgroups/nurseries may have a waiting list but even then not usually 2+ years long. Attendance at a school nursery doesn't even mean you get a place at the attcahed school, you have to apply again and meet the admissions criteria.

However if you emn a daycare nrusery if you plabn to return to work then you shoudl already be looking

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