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Applying for primary schools in two different authorities

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Concordia Tue 06-Oct-09 23:38:49

We live about 1 1/2 miles from the border with another local authority. Our first choice school, which we may get into through their church criteria, is in the neighbouring authority let's call it authority 2, we live in authority 1. Our second and third choice schools (one of which will be our nearest school i suspect, don't know what other choice will be) are both in authority 1.
Do i fill in both forms and just but the 3 schools - authority 2 school, authority 1 school a and authority 1 school b on each?
Or do i come up with 3 different schools in order for each authority?
Authority 2 forms are due back 3 months before authority 1 forms and before most authority 1 schools open days so i am still not really certain what to put as second and third preference in any case but know that i really love the school in the other authority.
Hope this is clear as mud. The authorities say they communicate so you don't get two school offers but i don't really know how and if you can enter a school from another authority on an online form.
hmm am i getting worked up over nothing?

VulpusinaWilfsuit Tue 06-Oct-09 23:53:58

Is there no guidance from your LA on this? Most have arrangements with neighbouring LAs where I live - there's a section in the guidance called something like 'co-ordinated admission arrangements' which refers precisely to the kind of situation you mention.

Here, you apply via your home LA but state your preferred schools on the form.

ICANDOTHAT Wed 07-Oct-09 11:04:26

Ditto what vul said. We have to apply under our own education authority, and yes, there is a box to tick if the school you wish to list is outside your authority when you apply on-line. Have you been on-line to check ? Also, remember all the schools you want may have their own 'supplementary form' you need to complete too - call them and ask. With regards to placing them in order of preference .. if you don't get your first choice, the other schools will not be told that they were 2nd and 3rd. In other words, you should get the 1st choice if you fall under admissions criteria etc etc and the others if that one if full up so to speak. Clear as mud wink

RenderedSpeechless Wed 07-Oct-09 11:30:05

HI. i was exactly in this position two years ago. dd attends churchs school in neighbouring authority. i put 3 schools in resident authority and 2 schools in neighbouring authority. there is no obligation to put 3, but you need to decide which schools you would prefer overall. if you would prefer 3 schools in your neighbouring authority over any schools in your area, then i'd put 3 schools on both applications. also, the submissions dates may be different for each authority. in my case, i find out the allocation for my area before the deadline for submitting to neighbouring auth. hth

Concordia Fri 09-Oct-09 15:58:02

well the first choice authority has given two different answers over 3 phone calls about whether to fill in their form or wait for our local authorities form.
I think what icando thatis said probably right for us but have decided to go ahead and fill in both because the guidance from the people in the admissions office hasn't exactly been clear.
the neighbouring authorities form is due in soon, our local authorities form not due for another 3 months (though both release decisions at about the same time?!)

Danthe4th Fri 09-Oct-09 18:48:12

Speak to your first choice school as if its in a neighbouring authority and you put it first and don't get in you may not be allocated a place at your local school in your own authority if you have put it 2nd. Find out what the waiting list is like and see what the chances are of definately gatting in. We have this problem but we also have the added problem of our local authority allocating places 6 weeks before the other so we had to accept a place at our local 2nd choice school and wait to be offered a place at our 1st choice and then turn down our local school, does that make sense!!! talk to other mums who have been through the process.

RenderedSpeechless Fri 09-Oct-09 19:58:20

hi again. should have made it clear that i completed two different application forms. one for each local authority. was offered a place within each authority - ie i had 2 school offers and declined one of them hth. are you in london? just curiuos as the deadlines are similar to what you have described.

Concordia Fri 09-Oct-09 22:29:27

hmmm. they claim that it doesn't matter which position schools are put in now, so you can get a place at your second choice school (if your first is full) above people that put it first choice if you meet the criteria. Our second choice and third choice schools our are two nearest schools and not usually very oversubscribed so hopefully we will be ok. Fingers crossed for the first choice in neighbouring authority thou'. Only another oh, 5 months to find out!

no we're not in London. Yorkshire. There must be a lot of people living near the border as it is quite an urban area so it's a wonder they are not clearer about the thing.

Yes rendered speechless we did consider doing as you did (that gives us up to 6 choices too) but i think that in the last year or two they have started to coordinate a bit more between authorities.

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