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Why is my DD underachieving ?

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hotpotato11 Sun 04-Oct-09 11:20:40

i have a quiet conscientious 8 YO. Last Easter when she was halfway through Y3, which was the last parents evening the teacher told us she was slightly behind where she ought to ne, in everything except reading.I accepted this as she is very artistic and creative and i suspect this is where her talents lie.
However the childre have just done verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests and DD di really well only driopping a mark on each paper.The teacher told the children what the 'top scores' were in each paper and both were DD's.When I went in to speak to the teacher I asked what her Y3 scores had been , and again they were in the 'extremely high' bracket.
I am concerned as to why my DD is not achieving her academic potential.She has no friends really at school .It is a small school, only 4 other girls in her year and the other girls in her year are very pushy and a bit spiteful.Last week one of teh girls asked if they could come back for tea , and they talked about it a lot at school even the same morning.Whern they came out of school the girl rushed to her mother and flung herself on her saying she didn't want to go any more.I thought she was tired or shy or something , but when DD came out of school she was a bit sad . I saw this other girl turn round and look at her with an unmistakeabvle nasty smile on her face.It was very obvious she was pleased at hurting my DD.
They never let DD play with them and if she asks say in chorus 'we aren't playing anything '
It has got to be a vicious circle really DD won't ask them if she can play anymore because she doesn't want to be rejected.
The thing is that DD makes friends very easily outside school at brownies , gymnastics and when we go on holiday.
I am afraid it might be all this sort of stuff which is affecting DDs work and her happiness

marialuisa Sun 04-Oct-09 12:20:12

I'm sure the friend situation is affecting your DD. Has it been like this since Reception? What have the school done about this and what have they said about her "underachievement"?

applepudding Sun 04-Oct-09 21:52:10

I would definitely speak to your child's class teacher about this. Ask them how they feel that your DD is getting on at school on a day to day basis, and how well she gets on with the other children, this just a recent event that she has fallen out with the other girls?

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