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Separation anxiety still??

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pinktortoise Fri 02-Oct-09 13:06:44

My DS is in Yr 2 now. For the first 3 wks of this term went off into his new class without a backward glance, however over the last week or so old problems are resurfacing.He has periodically had problems at separating to go into school since reception.
It is strange as he is fine in school and seems very happy with new teacher, work, friends and always comes out fine. In the morning he gets up and dressed and eats breakfast and walks to school with no problem. Yet when the bell goes he starts looking nervous and then won't go in the door. Sometimes he cries but mostly tries not to. Sometimes has to be physically handed into classroom as will just stand in doorway or one occasion come back out.
In the past have worried that there must be something troubling him at school and have tried to unearth reason - but it seems this is never the case it is more like it is just a habit.
When asked why he does it he says he loves me and misses me and that the school day is a long time. He does like routine and think these episodes are usually triggered by new teacher for day or something.
Have tried reasoning, patience, bribes, punishment etc and it usually just passes until the next time.
At the moment I just give him a kiss and say have a good day and go as know prolonging it makes it worse.
It is just so wearing and I had been so pleased that this term he was going off fine. Is this going to go on forever? He is year 2 now (though just 6). Any advice experience welcome!!

xmasfairy Fri 02-Oct-09 15:59:29

This could be me, my DS is in yr 2 just 6 and was ok for the first week. Then, exactly as you describe, fine in the morning, walking into the playground etc then at the point the bell goes he has looks nervous. The start of the second week he had to be carried in screaming for me. This was resolved with the help of a teaching assistant collecting him from me and taking him inside to "do something special". He's a bit better now and will go in on his own but sometimes with tears or at best looking worried. He likes routine too and hates change. I, like you, have tried everything and haven't got to the bottom of what causes it. Part of it was uncertainty of where to sit in class and at dinner time, missing me, think it's probably lots of little things that build up inside him. He loves school though, is happy there and never says he doesn't want to go. What worries me is when he moves into yr 3 and they're expected to go into the playground by themselves. No advice to give you I'm afraid but you aren't alone!

pinktortoise Fri 02-Oct-09 16:31:37

Thanks XmasFairy - nice to know am not alone! Wasn't so bad at the reception stage as there were lots of children like it, but now it feels like you are the only one with the "silly" child whilst the rest go skipping through the door!

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