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wwyd? problem with other child at ds new school

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kitkat9 Wed 30-Sep-09 15:11:32

This isn't a huge problem but am interested to know if I am being a bit PFB or if I should do something

Ds1 started primary 1 this year and has settled in really well. He's a happy and sociable wee boy, no problems apart from perhaps being a tad sensitive at times.

Since day 1, he's talked about a boy in his class who sounds really naughty -(I'll call him B) doing things like running straight out the school gates at playtime (onto a relatively quiet road), punching ds at gym, whacking him with various things at playtime like hula-hoops... ds told me the teacher had moved B in the class to a different seat because he was misbehaving.

I told ds to not fall out with him, but to just play with the children in his class he liked to play with, who didn't hit him or cause too much trouble etc.

Anyway, this morning dh happened to be driving past the school at playtime and spotted ds standing alone in the playground, bawling his eyes out. there were classroom assistants there but no-one was comforting him. Dh got out the car and approached the fence, he said ds could hardly tell him what was wrong for crying but eventually told dh that B had been smacking him with the hula hoop again and he must've hurt him.

firstly, the thought of ds upset and alone in the playground really makes me sad. I don't understand why the classroom assistants weren't dealing with him.

secondly, I'm wondering if it's time to approach the school about B and let them know we're aware there's a problem with his behaviour.

Is this ridiculous? I'm generally not very PFB, I just can't stand the thought of someone making ds that upset, and nobody going to help him!


Cortina Wed 30-Sep-09 15:41:09

Definitely speak to the school but in a calm, rational way (am sure you would anyway).

I would be in contact immediately.

wishingchair Wed 30-Sep-09 15:42:12

Agree with Cortina

ChazsBarmyArmy Wed 30-Sep-09 16:43:30

I would explain what your DH saw and then ask the school to look into the matter. I know that DS2 came home from Y1 (he's now y2) saying x slapped me and the teacher did nothing. I made a calm enquiry of his teacher and found out that they had been on the way to a music lesson and the music teacher hadn't told the form teacher. Once informed the form teacher did deal effectively with the matter.
I think if I had gone in with all guns blazing then I would have got a different response.

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