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My DD (4) has just started reception and I am knackered!

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Mumoftwokids Tue 29-Sep-09 17:56:09

Just curious if anyone else is tired ever since their child has started school. Just seems like a lot to organise and think about all the time and I walk 1hr 45mins a day (plus toddler). We use to drive to nursery and it didn't matter if we were late/ didn't turn up and then there were 2 days at home when we didn't have any real structure to it (get up late, have breakfast late etc). Really look forward to weekends now. Have also made appt with GP to see if medical reasons behind this but interested if it just a shock to the system rather than medical!

SecretSlattern Tue 29-Sep-09 17:59:43

sounds like a shock to the system tbh! We were the most lazy and disorganised family on earth until DD went to school. Now we have a routine for both kids and I am always tired by the time they are in bed. It is better though, I think, the whole structure to the day because then it makes the lazy weekends more fun IMO.

Smithagain Tue 29-Sep-09 20:29:35

I used to walk a similar amount to school and didn't really realise how exhausting I found it until the school moved to a new site 5 mins walk away! And you are right about all the things you have to remember, getting there on time etc. It takes some adjustment. But by all means check in case there is some underlying reason.

blametheparents Tue 29-Sep-09 20:33:46

My DD hasjust stared school too, and I know part of the reason I am so tired is cos I am not sleeping well cos i am so worried about her. I have no real reason to be worried about her, she seems to be liking it etc, but I miss her and worry about her.

Fayrazzled Tue 29-Sep-09 20:42:59

My son is in his 3rd week of reception and I'm exhausted. I'm finding getting him to school on time by 8.55 hard work with his younger sister in tow and I'm stressed worrying about how he is settling in. There's been no feedback from the teacher at all. I'm also finding the whole school gates thing a bit tedious too. The competitive mummy thing is starting with a close friend- I can't believe there is at least another 7 years of this to go!!

alison56 Tue 29-Sep-09 22:31:02

I feel exactly the same - DD is 4 and I have a 4 month old baby that I have to keep waking from naps (or breaking off bottles) to collect from school.

The walk is 15 minutes each way - not a long walk - but it's still an hour of walking every day and my feet ache as I'm bloody knackered with the baby to begin with.

I feel exactly the same about the transition from nursery (where you are also a paying customer) to school (where you have legal obligations).

And oh my god, the packed lunches, washing the lunchbox out, doing the homework, returning forms, making sure uniform is clean, tie-ing back hair, writing notes to teacher.

And yes, no feedback here either. And yes yes yes, the school gate appears to be a fashion show (which makes me feel worse about my post-natal body).

Thanks for the opportunity to rant!

roundabout1 Wed 30-Sep-09 10:53:08

I'm finding it exhausting too! No other children as a reason either, just too unorganised for this malarky! I suffer from vertigo & have trouble focusing on things as it brings on the spins, dd wanted hair in bunches today & it took me ages doing a centre parting & left me feeling awful. Then the constant nagging to leave & a fast walk to school thinking we are running late then turns out we're not late really & stand round in a playground in the drizzle for 5 mins waiting for the bell. The playground is on a slope that makes it really difficult for me to stand still on & the floor seems to move in waves - I'm sure lots of other mums think I'm wierd! Then there's the after school moods & tantrums as dd is over tired, I miss her during the day & then can't wait til it's bedtime!
Blame the parents - the first week my dd was at school I slept poorly as would be thinking about dd at school She did have a bad first 2 weeks & cried every day - drop off, lunchtime,playtime etc Now at least I'm sleeping as touch wood she's settled in a bit.

Mumoftwokids Wed 30-Sep-09 17:20:15

Hey guys, thanks for the messages. Much more reassuring to know that I am not the only one. Still tired today, better than yesterday though. Three more days to go 'til Saturday - hurray! (....don't know why I am cheering as she has her first party invite from schoolclass chum on Sunday so it's going to be more polite chit chat and social networking!)

fiercebadrabbit Wed 30-Sep-09 19:48:00

Me too! For all the reasons above, sudden need to be super organised, getting to know dozens of new people, worrying about dd1 - who today cried and said no one was playing with her sad. I remember that I was always knackered when I started a new job for at least a couple of months until i readjusted to the pace. Change is hard. Good luck everyone [smile}

womblingfree Thu 01-Oct-09 21:40:46

Finding it thoroughly tedious TBH and stress inducing at the same time.

We have never done routines in our house due partly to DH doing shift work until last year, but mostly to the fact I'm just not a fan of them. We also had regular mid-week pyjama days which have now been knocked on the head sad.

Is anyone else finding the amount of paperwork coming home incredible - we are getting letters virtually everyday - sometimes 3 or 4 at a time, and have already had diary til the end of term. It seems we need to be at the school on about 7-8 occasions between now and Christmas for various things.

Struggling with new idea for lunchbox too. Even resorted to making mini quiches this evening for the first time since Home Ec GCSE!

nikki1978 Thu 01-Oct-09 22:22:23

I am finding it pretty full on too. Doesn't help that I also have to get DS to nursery by 9.15 which is a 15 min walk away so very tight. I have also just started studying two alevels so 10 hours of my week is taken up by this plus my job one day a week.

Have managed to get into a fairly good routine though and their bags and shoes and coats are ready by the door so there is no mad tear around in the morning trying to find stuff.

To do lists on my pc are my saviour as I would forget so much stuff otherwise - mind is spinning with too much stuff

Weekends are something to really look forward to now though as I try to get everything done in the week so we can chill. Is quite nice as I haven't looked forward to weekends since before I had children as they were just another day before school!

Haven't had much in the way of letters etc but they are still introducing the children in slowly but as of next week the whole class is full time so maybe things will change then.

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