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which school?

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Greatfun Tue 29-Sep-09 13:33:19

I am perhaps being a bit premature but we have had out forms given to us for reception next year. DD is at school 1's nursery. I am guessing most of her friends including her 'best friend' will be going to reception there. Good ofsted and we are very happy. Only downside is its over a mile to walk and opposite direction to station so would add 20-30 minutes for travelling to and from work everyday. School 2 has outstanding ofsted and friends who use it are very happy. Its less than a miles walk and right next to the station for when I return to work (thinking just after DD starts school and DS is 3). The only downside is the school grounds (concrete everywhere) and its repuatation for being rough which I believe is outdated. DD is already saying she wants to go to her current school reception but I can see the convenience of school 2 being appealing. I have to put 3 schools in order of preference so no guarantee with any. Which one would you put first? If I put school 2 will DD settle OK as she woudl have spent over a year at school 1.

BonsoirAnna Tue 29-Sep-09 13:35:47

Convenience is a big deal IMO - your DD and you will be able to sleep more/spend more time at home, and her friends will probably be in your home-school-work transport radius, so you will be able to get other parents to help out in emergencies etc and reciprocate more easily.

Friends just don't matter at this age. What matters is (a) the school (b) ease of logistics.

Hassled Tue 29-Sep-09 13:42:26

I think School 2. Your DD would adapt easily enough, especially if you have enough time to get her used to the idea. It might be worth talking to the Head of school2 re the concrete - there seems to be a fair bit of playground development funding swilling around at the moment and it may be a development project they're already working on.

And a school wouldn't get an Outstanding if there were serious behavioural issues, or at least not unless the school had strategies to tackle the behaviour effectively. So while the pupils might be "rough" outside school, but it doesn't sound like they're rough inside, IYSWIM.

fiercebadrabbit Tue 29-Sep-09 14:07:08

School 2, our dd1 is at a "rough" school (but good Ofsted) five mins walk from us where she knew no one on starting - two weeks in she adores it and is quickly making new friends. Life for all of us is so much improved by the easy commute. As for the "roughness", like you, I feel that's an outdated image

smee Tue 29-Sep-09 14:13:16

Go see both before deciding. You can't decide based purely on other parents views and ofsted. Might help with the choice.

Greatfun Tue 29-Sep-09 14:15:48

Thanks everyone. I have seen both before applying for nursery. I actually preferred school 2 but DH wanted school 1 so I gave in. I love school 1 now but think when it comes to going back to work I will wish I had gone for school 2. I think myself lucky that we have such good primary schools to choose from. Shame the same can't be said for secondary!

Greatfun Tue 29-Sep-09 14:18:39

Another question. I think our chance of getting schoo1 2 is quite good due to distance but not 100%. Is it worth me moving DD to their nursery or do you think I should wait until March when we know for sure where she will be going? I am just thinking the longer she is at school 1 the harder it will be when she moves to school 2.

fiercebadrabbit Tue 29-Sep-09 15:28:06

Wait until you know for sure - honestly, the transition will be fine if it is school 2. At dd1's school some kids who were in the nursery are still freaking about moving into reception, while others like dd1 who don't know a soul are fine, it all depends on your child but either way she'll adapt very quickly, I promise.

Wandaaa Wed 30-Sep-09 00:10:34

Greatfun What does your DH think? If he has already insisted on school 1 for nursery is he going to say the same for school. Surely the travel arrangments would have been considered when you chose/gave in with your choice of nursery. If you do choose and get in to school 2 then I would definitely try to move nursery.

ChazsBarmyArmy Wed 30-Sep-09 14:53:48

Before moving the nursery check the admissions policy. Some schools do not give priority to children in the nursery so the only point for moving her would be to make friends prior to reception

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