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Bullying and changing schools

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OrmIrian Mon 28-Sep-09 11:20:42

This isn't for me (honestly!) but for someone at the DC's primary school.

She has a boy in yr5 and a boy in yr 2 with DS#2. Her eldest suffered a few years of mainly low-level bullying by one child who has some sort of problem (she hasn't been told) but he made her lad's life very unhappy. The school did nothing for a while (old head was not good) but the new HT had tried to sort it out and improved things a little. He had plenty of other friends and was doing OK work wise. But this term she moved him to a new school nearer their new house (left her youngest child where he is cos he and my son are bosom buddies and they can't be without each other!). He is being picked on already - children telling him he doesn't belong in the school, he is stupid, calling him names. He is very unhappy and stressed - a more confident child would perhaps laugh it off but he can't.

He wants to go back to the old school. There is a place for him and it's only been a few weeks so not such a massive break as yet. She doesn't know what to do. Leave it and see if things resolve themselves - or make a move now?

smee Mon 28-Sep-09 11:35:29

I'd move him back if it were me. She's got to get the youngest to the school every day anyway, so the travelling's going to be easier. Sounds like he was confident at the old school, so why on earth not? Why did she move him, if he was largely happy and the HT seemed on top of the bullying? If I was her I'd go back to talk to the old HT before making a decision to put him back there. She needs reassurance that any potential bullying will be dealt with.

OrmIrian Mon 28-Sep-09 11:51:11

I tend to agree smee. Personally I think her motives for moving were a bit knee-jerk - the bullying left her feeling negative about the school inspite of the fact it was getting better - and then he had less than glowing results. But I think now she is feeling that moving him back is a bit premature. I don't - he's unhappy.

smee Mon 28-Sep-09 12:56:19

Maybe she just needs a bit of reassurance from you then. Poor boy though. Hope she sorts things for him soon.

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