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Lewisham schools

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PiperG Fri 25-Sep-09 17:45:13

I was looking for anyone's experiences of getting into Lewisham primary schools (reception year): we will need to apply for our DD but have not yet moved to the borough, so it's all a bit tricky. We are hoping to have moved before the deadline for applications (Jan/Feb next year), but if we don't manage it I am a little worried that we will have a nightmare being able to get her into a decent school. We are hoping to move to Brockley/Nunhead/Forest Hill. I have heard that lots of Lewisham schools are very over-subscribed ... Can any one offer any advice ...? Much appreciated, from this over-worrisome mother! (Apologies to anyone who is getting rather tired of my endless posts on various aspects of moving house/primary schools etc - I feel as if I am constantly posting for advice!)

daisy71 Sat 26-Sep-09 18:37:39

Well I live and teach in the area, so might be able to help a little. There are a lot of schools around though. Are you looking for a house in a specific catchment area, or are you looking for a house and then a school? There is a huge difference in schools that are only a couple of streets away from each other, so without knowing a bit more about the specific area that you are planning to move to, it's difficult to comment.

PiperG Sun 27-Sep-09 20:49:31

Hi daisy71. We don't know yet where we will end up: we're not aiming for a particular school, and then a house. We'd just like to get a great house, and hope that some decent schools are nearby! Having said that I have not yet started looking into schools and it may be that once I start looking I will realise more specifically which area I'd like to be in to have a good chance of getting into a good school. Are there any schools you'd particularly recommend in Lewisham? I am veering very much towards Forest Hill and Brockley at the mo.

daisy71 Sun 27-Sep-09 22:44:53

If I were you, I'd start looking and then you may get more of a picture. Like I said, there is a huge difference in schools only a few streets away from each other. Some schools are so oversubscribed that you have to live less than 400m away to get in!
There are some great schools in the area primary wise, and I guess the price of houses around them will reflect this too!

preciouslillywhite Mon 28-Sep-09 10:02:33

Wotcher PiperG- I remember you from the "where-shall-we-move-to" thread!

<waves from SE15>

I'm not in Lewisham, but over the border...from what I hear the schools everyone and their dog wants to get into are Myatt Gardens (Brockley) and Edmund Waller on Telegraph Hill...also I've heard nice things about John Stainer (also Brockley).Dunno much about Forest Hill, I'm afraid- Fairlawn's supposed to be great, and I know some kids at Perry Mount who love it and are doing very well there. Tbh I haven't heard any horror stories about any Lewisham schools in the area.

If you start looking soonish, think a lot of primaries have open days coming up for the next Reception intake, so you could nip to a few of those, give you an idea of the schools and the local area? If you ring the council they'll give you a book with a list of all the schools, admission criteria etc.

gladders Mon 28-Sep-09 10:49:32

can't help on schools but the closing date this yr was 30 Jan...

have a friend who moved into borough after that - she went to the top of the waiting list and got her first choice - won't happen every time but quite encouraging?

PiperG Mon 28-Sep-09 19:57:18

Hello again preciouslillywhite! Yes it's me again, in perpetual need of the wisdom of mumsnetters ... Thanks for v useful stuff on schools and open days. Must get my act together. Spent a day in Forest Hill on Sunday and loved it, though there is the super busy south circular running through which maybe isn't so great ...
Thanks too gladders: good to hear that!

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