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Disapplied from KS1 SATS - do you think we could go on holiday?

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Somewhereovertherainbow Thu 24-Sep-09 19:47:06

DD has special educational needs, and will therefore be disapplied from taking KS1 SATS next May.

The school has a policy not to grant any holidays during SATS week, but if DD is not taking SATS, do you think it would be OK to have a weeks holiday? With the schools permission of course.

It may be better that she is out of school that week, don't want her to feel different....

What do others think? Especially any teachers.

mrz Thu 24-Sep-09 19:48:59

Personally don't think it should be a problem but all schools are different

Northernlurker Thu 24-Sep-09 19:52:49

Well if she's not there and the others tell her about the SATS she'll feel different anyway. Depends how much of a big deal the school make about them. At my dd's primary the KS1 kids barely notice they are doing them but I know some schools (and therefore) parents are very different and would make a big thing of it - which then makes the kids likely to make a big deal of the fact she's missed them. Tbh I would want to know how school propose to include her in this process. Even if she's not doing the papers can they not do some special focused activity with her so she feels she is receiving the same process?

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