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What are the rules on earrings for PE

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Wandaaa Wed 23-Sep-09 19:41:32

DD can wear tape over her earrings for PE but a friend has been told her DD, at a different school, can't do PE with earrings in, she had them pierced at the end of the holidays without realising there would be a problem.

mrz Wed 23-Sep-09 19:50:27

I don't think there is a general rule schools have policies based on experience, having seen a child whose ear was very badly torn by her earring (had been taped over) I don't think they should be worn in school at all

Seona1973 Wed 23-Sep-09 19:53:33

the letter from our school says all jewellery has to be removed for PE

LadyGlencoraPalliser Wed 23-Sep-09 19:54:53

They can tape them over at our school, but as other posters have said each school sets its own policy.

primarymum Wed 23-Sep-09 20:07:10

Must be removed at our school, children do not do PE with earrings in. They must also be able to remove and replace them on their own or they are asked not to wear them on PE days

southernbelle77 Wed 23-Sep-09 20:07:35

Our school policy is that ALL jewellery MUST be removed for PE. It also comments that if children have their ears pierced then to have it done at the beginning of the summer holidays as it shouldn't then be a problem, but they HAVE to removed for PE - NO EXCEPTIONS.

bruffin Wed 23-Sep-09 20:18:19

DD's primary they can use tape, but I still had the done at the end of summer term, I would have thought it was common sense.

islandofsodor Wed 23-Sep-09 20:25:57

Earrings not allowed at all in the dc's school. If they are worn, no PE and no playtime.

Hulababy Wed 23-Sep-09 20:44:59

At DD's school no earrings at all are allowed any time.

At the school I work at the children can wear studs for school, but these must be removed for PE. Covering them by tape is not permitted. If they cannot be removed then the child can not do PE.

Ixia Wed 23-Sep-09 20:53:10

No earrings at all, unless they've just been pierced, then you have to put a plaster over them for PE.

tinamartin Thu 08-Jul-10 11:11:20

It's ridiculos. I'm furious. My daughter had her ears pierced when she was born and has had her stud earrings on since then. She started school last September (Reception)and had to put plasters over them at all times. That was fine! We both accepted it and got used to doing it every morning. But just today I've been warned she will not be allowed to wear her little studs them next year, not even with plasters over them. WHY? HEALTH and SAFETY! Let me tell you, that's rubbish. I come from Spain and as part of my culture ALL little girls have their ears pierced, they go through school life without even thinking about their errings, with no plasters or anything. No one even thinks is dangerous or a hazard to them and others. And you NEVER hear of any accidents happening.

If I though my daughter was in any danger by wearing little studs, I would be the first one to wanting to remove them.

I think parents should be able to have the freedom to choose what they want for their childrem and let them express themselves, their culture, believes and ideas. My little girl likes to wear her earrings and this is part of her culture as well as mine.

Please, let us have some of the responsibilities for our children, don't pretend you know better. Health and Safety it cannot be the answer to everything.

corblimeymadam Thu 08-Jul-10 11:16:12

Message withdrawn

SE13Mummy Thu 08-Jul-10 11:45:31

The school I teach at (and the one I used to teach at) had a 'single stud in each ear only' earring policy. The studs had to be removed, by the children, for PE and stored in their bookbags during the lesson. I try to persuade children not to wear earrings to school on PE days so they don't have to faff about removing them or losing the plot if a miniscule stud has got lost in amongst the debris in a bookbag.

cuppycakesong Thu 08-Jul-10 14:22:12

TinaMartin, your statement that 'ALL little girls have their ears pierced' in Spain is ridiculous. It is more common practice in Spain than it is in this country, but not ALL little girls do it. It's a tradition that increasingly less people are following as more and more parents now allow their children to make this choice for themselves when they're old enough. It might be part of your culture as you clearly have been brought up in an environment where this was common practice, but if you're raising your daughter in this country (and I'm guessing she's probably half British?), then it's not exactly part of her culture, is it?

mrz Thu 08-Jul-10 19:56:39

tinamartin perhaps if you saw a little girl with a shredded earlobe because she caught it during PE you may think twice

Snowsquonk Thu 08-Jul-10 20:04:35

It's always the same - the cries of "my child - my choice" and then the same parents are the ones sending lawyers letters when their little darlings get hurt at school and then suddenly it's the school's fault and they want compensation.

Maybe parents who don't like the school's policy should find a school with a policy which suits them better, or sign a disclaimer.

We've had parent's attempting to claim compensation when a child fell over in the playground, the basis for the claim is that the school wasn't taking due care of the child - they fell over for goodness sake!

Bloody claim-culture!

Fontella Thu 08-Jul-10 20:28:03

Wish they'd ban them at DD's school.

I recently had to spend the best part of five hours in A & E because DD trod on someone else's earring in a dance lesson (which they have to do barefoot or in socks). Don't know whether it had fallen out of the owner's ear or what - it didn't belong to anyone in DD's class), but it was lying on the gym floor. The spike part stuck in her foot.

The school insisted I take her to casualty to get all the jabs etc. because it was a 'puncture wound'. Doctor said they were being 'over-cautious' but I completely understand why - agree totally with previous post re claim culture.

Self-employed, lost income, most of the day gone, all because of a flamin' earring.

MmeRedWhiteandBlueberry Thu 08-Jul-10 20:30:23

At our school, earrings have to be removed for PE.

If someone is going to have their ears pierced, they have to have it done at the beginning of the summer holidays.

Goblinchild Thu 08-Jul-10 20:40:46

Sussex says child must be able to remove them for PE by themselves. Tape used to be OK but now isn't.
If the child can't, they don't do PE.
One of mine comes without her earrings on PE days.

Doris73 Sun 22-Aug-10 22:41:30

Health and Safety has gone mad, along with people suing the schools for an extra buck...

I have worn earring since I was 6 months old, and in 37 years I have never had my earring yanked out....I think you would have to be very unlucky for that to happen...

I have just had one of my daughters ears re pierced as she wanted me to get it done for her before she starts school in September....In hind sight maybe I should have done this a few weeks back but I didn't realise that the schools policy was to remove her studs for PE lessons...

I assumed the policy's would be the same for the private and local nursery's that she has attended since 11 months old.....She may not have had a class called PE, but she's certainly used the play area excessively and she has had 2 sports days where no earrings were removed...

I agree with Tinamaria, we should be able to make the choice for our children.

scurryfunge Sun 22-Aug-10 22:46:28

Why would a child want or need to wear jewellery at school?

Totally unnecessary and best kept to outside school hours. School is for learning.

cat64 Tue 24-Aug-10 00:03:50

Message withdrawn

mrz Tue 24-Aug-10 10:38:52

Personally I don't think school is the place for jewellery PE or not. I get fed up with children losing an earring or a bracelet and parents getting angry and upset when they don't turn up...

sunnyC Mon 10-Jan-11 20:42:10

recently had my daughters ears pierced, it was something she wanted, and have been told due to H&S she cant wear them during p.e which will be for the next 6 weeks. I do think we are becoming slightly H&S MAD!! I grew up with most of my friends with earrings never heard of or witnessed the tore open ear lobe!! the worst accident i ever saw at school was a pupil hit in the face by a ball while wearing glasses, accidents will always happen with earrings, long hair, glasses and on the playground! should that be banned too?? its freedom of choice and if schools are really that worried let the teachers be good role models and take their jewellery off too !

spanieleyes Mon 10-Jan-11 21:02:10

I do! When teaching PE, I remove my rings, watch and necklace. I never wear earrings at school at all and ( due to attacks of headlice) my hair is now short, when it was long I tied it back during PE. It is not freedom of choice, it is safety and, as others have said, if you ever saw the aftermath of a torn earlobe, which I have, you wouldn't wish it on anyone!

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