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problems with dds friend's mum

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kate45 Tue 22-Sep-09 22:26:49

I have a ten year old dd and she has been part of a group of five friends for the past couple of years. I had an arrangement with one of the mums to share picks ups and drop offs for a while as we both work, but as my hours changed recently I had to tell the other mum I couldn't help any more. She was fine about it I thought, and actually changed her hours so she could manage better without the help.

Before this, we had put our house up for sale and the house we are buying is about two streets away from theirs. When we told her she said she would have to move!!! She also invited my dd for a sleepover a few weeks ago and then said she always breaks things at her house (this is after having my dd at her house a couple of times a week for a year and saying nothing!)

Both girls will be at the same secondary school after this year, as will the rest of the group of friends, and we are moving to be nearer the school. Ever since we told the other mum about the move she has been increasingly unfriendly, and has now started ignoring my dd when she sees her, even saying hi to two of the other girls and blanking her.

I am really upset as I dont know what I have done, and my dd thinks she has done something wrong as well which is awful. I did think she was a friend not just a school run acquaintance, but she seems really angry that we are moving and annoyed that my dd will be at secondary with hers, even though we have said for the last year which school we would choose. I cant fathom it out....does anyone have any suggestions what I should do, I am really worried she is trying to engineer a fall out and this would bady affect my dd at achool this year and on starting her new school.

QOD Tue 22-Sep-09 22:30:00

I have the reverse going on, a mum that has blanked me for nearly 2 yrs sudddenly being super friendly.....because she may need help with senior school run?
I dont know what to say to you other than people suck sometimes

kate45 Tue 22-Sep-09 22:48:46

thanks, I think I have to agree, and i know I shouldn't take it to heart but I am really worried it could mean a huge fall out this year and my dd goes to secondary having been frozen out of this group. All I can think of is to ensure I invite all her other friends round on a more regular basis, to bolster her other friendships, and to try and act like nothing is wrong by still inviting this womans dd as well - or am I being wet trying to be nice about it?

QOD Wed 23-Sep-09 10:38:26

I would definetely do that, and ensure you keep up your friendships with the other mums too

katiestar Wed 23-Sep-09 11:51:15

You haven't done anything.She needed you before ,and you can't help her now so she isn't interested.
Don't worry about secondary.My DS2 started 2 weeks ago and none of the primary friends stick together any more. They all made new friends from the word go.

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