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Some persepective needed on my dds miserable teacher please

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lavenderbongo Tue 22-Sep-09 02:08:44

My dd has just started school. She was unbelievable enthusiastic about starting and we were very keen on keeping this enthusiasm going. We are in NZ so she started on her 5th birthday and all went well for the first week.

However her teacher is not the most cheerful of people - to put it midly! I have never seen her smile and this seems to bother dd as she has said herself (unprompted and out of the blue) that she doesnt think Ms X is very happy as she never smiles.

All the children seem happy to be in the class and I go into the classroom with dd every morning. The teacher is their but the kids don't seem to be willing to run up and show her things or say good morning. DD is forever running up to me or one of her friends Mums to show them stuff she has done - but not her teacher. She is not approachable.

I have asked twice (in two weeks) if dd is settling in OK - as dd has said she has no one to play with at lunch time. Her teacher response was not very reassuring - I seem to be annoying her. Surely she should be used to reassuring new school Mums? It would only take a few seconds!

Basically I think that if you are going to be a teacher you should at least make an effort to look happy in your work - or at least pleased to see the kids. I was a secondary teacher and I intend to return to teaching soon - so I think this may be clouding my judgement somewhat. A kind of "I could do it better" thought keeps popping into my head and "you are privilidged to be spending this time with my daughter". Unreasonable I know - I guesse I am just looking for a bit of perspective in this. Am I over reacting?

lavenderbongo Tue 22-Sep-09 02:10:23

God awful - spelling and punctuation sorry. Given myself a headache stressing over this!

savoycabbage Tue 22-Sep-09 03:09:54

My dd's nursery teacher was a misery. I definitely thought that she was an odd choice for a teacher of such young children. My dd didn't really seem to notice though. She was more interested in the other children.

I think it's really hard when your child starts school and they are with someone that you didn't choose yourself for such a long time every day. I was a teacher too before I had my dds and I never really thought about things from the parents point of view at all!

Our teacher was lazy unfortunately. She just seemed like she couldn't be bothered. She never filled the water tray or changed the calendar. I ended up moving her after the first half term. It wasn't the miserableness that made me move her though.

thirtypence Tue 22-Sep-09 03:20:14

I always think that new entrant/ year 1 teachers should be very smiley people and good with parents. Unfortunately with the new directive that new entrant classes have to only have 18 children a lot more new entrant teacher vacancies have arisen (especially mid year) and I'm not sure there always is the choice of candidates to meet my smiley/happy ideal.

Ds's year one teacher was not warm or smiley and dh used to ring me after he'd dropped dh off each morning to give me the update on what we had forgotten to do!

lavenderbongo Tue 22-Sep-09 04:55:28

Thanks for your replies - I am glad I am not the only person who thinks that new entrant teachers should be smiley people grin.

She appears to be a good teacher in all other respects - homework is set and we get a new reading book everyday. Dd seems to enjoy school so I may just leave it for now.

I have volunteered to help with reading at the school and intend to be one of those very involved Mums - just so I can be nosy and keep an eye on things!

Savoycabbage - if I ever think she cant be bothered - like you - I will be moving dd asap.

lavenderbongo Tue 22-Sep-09 08:03:55


thirtypence Tue 22-Sep-09 09:11:17

Also it's the last week of term. I am a very enthusiastic teacher - but I am very tired at the moment. I think I would make a special effort for a new girl though.

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