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deste Mon 21-Sep-09 21:10:13

My DD and DS both went through 13 years of school without catching nits. I have asked a few friends if their children caught nits at school and all said no. No reason to lie. I also asked a friend who is a classroom assistant if they had a problem with nits and she said they have had a couple of cases in the last 5 years she has been in the job but not really a problem. I am in the NE of Scotland by the way. I also was a hairdresser for 8 years and only saw nits once. My DD has now started as a classroom assistant (2 weeks) and already approx quarter of the children have them. They are 5 and blaming each other for giving them to them again. Has it always been a problem in schools or has it got worse lately.

sparkle09 Mon 21-Sep-09 21:30:27

nits are a problem at our school,angry i have to comb my DD 5 years and DD 2 years every few days or they would have them really badly, DD is much worse then DS as i cut DS's hair really short.

it would be fine if every parent did what i did then we would all be on top of it, but there are always some dinlows that dont bother.sad x

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