Summer born, year 1 , 5 year old boy 'hates' school already.

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toolly Mon 21-Sep-09 16:13:56

I have a meeting tomorrow (at my instigation) with his class teacher. He says he finds the work too difficult, the teacher shouts at him.
He is being given extra help with his literacy but his confidence is rock bottom. Has been totally turned off reading in three weeks. He doesn't even want me to read him a bed time story. I know he's able enough to cope with the work because one on one he's quick enough to pick up new concepts. He is in a class of 30 in a small infants school.
Any ideas so I can approach the teacher so I can work out someway of helping him without being fobbed off or getting her back up

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toolly Mon 21-Sep-09 17:16:06

bump .... anybody?

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paddingtonbear1 Mon 21-Sep-09 19:53:59

toolly how was your ds in reception, or did you home ed? My dd found the transition from reception to yr 1 a huge one. She struggled for ages and also had extra help, but her confidence was low and she somehow picked up (not from me!) that she was near the bottom of the class. She is summer born too. What is your ds's school like? dd's was very academic and pushy, and their method from the start of yr 1 was 'sit down at the table and listen'. dd alas was no good at this and still struggles with it. Now, her work is more project based which she finds better. Unfortunately we did have to change her school to get to this point, I'm not suggesting you do that!
Your ds shouldn't be turned off reading at this stage, he is still very young. I'd certainly tell the teacher that he seems to be put off already, and you're concerned about this. What form of extra help does he get? dd's teacher changed her reading scheme for a while to a more phonic-based one, where you could sound out more of the words, to try and build her confidence. If he's on ORT the earlier books tend to be look and say which don't suit all young children.
Good luck with your meeting!

toolly Mon 21-Sep-09 20:40:24

Thanks Paddington for replying, He only had one term of reception but enjoyed it. It's a nice school (as far as I can tell, headteacher very approachable etc) The extra help started today. They are put into a group of six and do extra work on phonics and (about twenty minutes a day with a specially trained TA)He also has glue hear so his hearing is slightly impaired. He is slow to process instructions and gets the rabbit in the headlights look when he asked to do something unfamiliar. Socially he's struggles a little bit, as I think his listening and communication skills aren't great. He tends to repeat himself and not listen to answers. I am thinking of transferring to another school, because I think the teacher is very young and this is her second year teaching so is quite inexperienced and the school is not the closest to home. I will have to see what her reaction is when I tell her how unhappy he is.

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paddingtonbear1 Mon 21-Sep-09 22:45:41

Hope all goes ok tomorrow. Your ds sounds like my dd - she also had glue ear in reception, and still struggles a bit with listening. Her reception teacher was great but in yr 1 she was out of her depth, the teacher had come from juniors and tended to pitch lessons towards the more mature kids. They are very young to be pushed so much and put off learning. Hope you can resolve it with the teacher!

Needaduvetday Mon 20-Nov-17 09:20:47

Just wondered how this resolved... we are in the same position more or less...

sallythesheep73 Mon 20-Nov-17 13:31:57

I hope the meeting went well for you. There does seem to be a jump between reception (which sounds like a lot of play) and year 1 (which sounds more like 'school').
Our DS1 also had glue ear though thank fully aged 7 it now has cleared up. If you havent already done so make sure the teacher knows your child may not hear well. I found this wasnt passed from one teacher to another so just told them myself.
Don't worry about your child being summer born - this is a big deal at the start when they are small but this gap should soon close.

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