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Anyone else have doubts about full time schooling at 5 and 6 yrs?

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catnipkitty Mon 21-Sep-09 09:15:19


I have such dilemmas about this (have posted on home ed a while ago too). I have twins just started reception and a daughter in yr 1. They are 'ok' at school. DD1 loves the academic side of school. My twins are starting to settle in reception, so no actual problems...but they are so tired and run down and have complete personality changes when they're at school. They all got on so well in the school hols, very relaxed and happy. Now they fight and argue all the time they're at home and only want to watch tv. We have no quality time together during the week sad. I just think they're at school too much at this age. I know it's either this or home ed (have looked in to flexi schooling too) and nothing inbetween and I don't want to take them out of school. Their school is lovely, childrena dn teachers great...but I still feel unhappy about it and want more input into their daily lives.

Oh well, thanks for reading my ramblings. just wondered if anyone feels the same really...

FernieB Mon 21-Sep-09 09:24:09

They've only just started at school. Give them a few weeks to settle into the routine and get used to it. Most kids are tired and crabby when they first start school. If they are happy at school I would leave them to it and it'll settle down.

Now they are at school, you no longer have so much input into their daily lives. Their teachers have a large influence as do the other kids in their classes. If you want more quality time during the week, arrange some activities after school for the family. It sounds as though you are missing them during the day, after having kids around you all the time.

smee Mon 21-Sep-09 10:14:52

catnip, I feel the same. I wish it was a four day week, or that the school day was shorter - maybe 9-2 or something. I can't see the point in them being so exhausted. I'm a great believer in school and would be useless at HE, but still it's just too much at this age..

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