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Suspect DS1 Is Being a Bit Rough In Reception Playground - Tell Teacher?

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Highlander Sat 19-Sep-09 09:29:46

DS1 (5) started school 2 weeks ago. we're in England so there are some teeny, just turned 4 children in the reception classes.

He's made friends with another 5 year old and there fav gane at break is playing tag or hide and seek.

We were biking home this week and we passed a teeny boy. He shouted out, 'there's the boy that was chasing me!'. His mum smiled, and I yelled back, "I hope he was being gentle!". Because I was on my bike, keeping an eye on DS1, I only got a fleeting glance of the wee one's face, but he did not look happy. Not at all. And this kid is tiny (DS1 is a tall 5).

Should I drop a note to DS1's teacher and relay the incident, maybe suggesting a wee circle time on the importance of being gentle and kind.

This is a bit of an issue at home, as DS1 can let things go too far with DS2 when they're chasing etc. (nearly 3). Saying that, DS1 has totally blossomed in terms of personal responsibility since he started school.

bidibidi Sat 19-Sep-09 09:39:30

Rough play (esp. among boys) is totally typical at that age. So yes you could mention it, but if she's any good at her job she's already on top of it!

ICANDOTHAT Sat 19-Sep-09 11:18:12

No, don't bring attention to it ... your child doesn't need to be 'labelled' as the rough kid without any hard reason. If on the other hand, the teacher mentions it to you, it can dealt with at that time. Tag and chasing games are so common amongst boys, it's a great energy release. Maybe you could have a little chat with your ds and stress the importance of how to play safely at school.

Highlander Sat 19-Sep-09 11:25:57

cheers guys, have been through playing safely with DS1.

I have to say though, it must be harsh being the youngest in the year. They're so small

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