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Urgent appeals help needed

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petelly Thu 17-Sep-09 21:16:29

(sorry for the cross posting in eduation - we're desperate!)

We are appealing to a VA faith school for Year 1 for our dd due to moving into the area and hacing trouble finding a suitable schol.

Anyway, we had the appeal for the VA school this afternoon. The school has a PAN of 28 due to space constraints. ACE advisers told me that it is NOT an infant class siz prejudice appeal and the same is written in 'How to Win Your School Appeal'. This is the reason why we even bothered appealing.

We turn up at the appeal and realise that they're conducting an infant class size prejude appeal. We objected, the clerk phoned the LEA to get independent advice - and they said it IS an infant class size appeal. At this point, we asked for the appeal to be adjourned since we have no grounds under infant class size legislation and we'd lose for sure.

What do we do now? Where can we get WRITTEN evidence that if the PAN is below 30 then it's NOT infant class size but the regular two stage appeal. Are we wrong here? Is it infant class size prejudice???

Thanks for any help - we're SO frustrated at the moment!!!

petelly Fri 18-Sep-09 19:23:33


sausagetits Fri 18-Sep-09 19:24:48

sorry, have no idea at all but bumping for you....

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