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If you have a crystal ball...

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LynetteScavo Thu 17-Sep-09 11:17:12

...please could you look into it and see if DD is alright on her fist day at school.

She's straight in with full days, and doesn't know anybody.

Is she OK? (coz I'm not. sad)

Pyrocanthus Thu 17-Sep-09 11:27:14


She's just out of range at the moment, but I'm sure she's fine.

beautifulgirls Thu 17-Sep-09 11:59:49

If it is any consolation my DD started straight into full days last week and has loved it. I went away with a tear in my eye and worried about her stupidly on day 1, a bit less on day 2 etc. She is just full of it all when she comes home and the only tears I had from her were when I had to collect her early from school one day for an appointment and she didn't want to leave!!!

Bucharest Thu 17-Sep-09 12:07:13

Can you do the same for me tomorrow please?
Just been and bought the pencil case, but still doing ostrich thing with head....
Hope it has all gone well Lynette smile
(mine won't know anyone either, there is a girl from her nursery going into the same class, but they don't know each other, although I fully intend leaping on the mother and making her be dd's bezzie tomorrow!)

pasturesnew Thu 17-Sep-09 12:08:36

Yes, she's been playing with a nice girl called Grace or Isabella and learning to write her name with a red crayon.

DesperateHousewifeToo Thu 17-Sep-09 12:09:38

She's just having lunch and giggling with another child because one of the teachers is wearing odd socks.

She's had carpet time and done some colouring this morning.

She'll have play time outside later and come home smiling, skipping and happy that she is at big school at last! grin

ps. Just think, that by starting full time straight away, she'll settle in and have time to make more friends more quickley.

LynetteScavo Thu 17-Sep-09 15:48:04


All seems to have gone well, she's just a bit put out she didn't do PE, as she really wanted to wear her pumps.


pasturesnew Thu 17-Sep-09 15:52:34

Pleased to hear she's had a good day.

Pyrocanthus Thu 17-Sep-09 16:34:12


DesperateHousewifeToo Thu 17-Sep-09 17:15:36

Great grin

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