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Star of the day

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Bo1 Wed 16-Sep-09 22:36:36

My child is in year 5. Her teacher uses a system called 'star of the day' as a reward for good work, behaviour etc. There are 29 children in the class, a couple of which have already received this award more than once. My daughter is a middle of the road, hard working, no trouble kind of child. Is it me or is this system a dated, de-motivator? Should I address this with the head or the teacher herself? Or, should I just leave it The teacher is young and in-experienced. I am concerned about the child who is last to get this award..not just my own child...what a crushing finale to the end of every day for 28 children!!???

foofi Wed 16-Sep-09 22:38:12

From a teacher's point of view, this kind of thing is horrible - you constantly have to monitor who hasn't received it and try and engineer a reason for them to get it sometimes! The kids like it though.

noideawhereIamgoing Wed 16-Sep-09 22:55:31

Really don't like these reward systems and I pretty much play down the significance of them. If a reward system was needed I would much prefer a system where children were rewarded for their efforts - regardless of how many other kids had deplayed huge efforts on that day. So on some days you would have 3 stars of the day and other days you'd have none - you'd reward on merit rather than competition for one spot.

Bo1 Wed 16-Sep-09 22:56:26

Doesn't that just prove how worthless it is? And if it is 'horrible', why do it?
Thanks for replying. Do you do this in your class?

Bo1 Wed 16-Sep-09 22:57:52

Yes! Noidea - this sounds more like it - do you think I should go in?

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