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Is DS being over sensitive?

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Almandine Wed 16-Sep-09 18:33:09

DS is 10 (in Y6)

He came out of school yesterday in a furious mood, wouldn't speak to us all evening, or this morning, and was reluctant to go to school this morning.

I asked his class TA what might be wrong,and although she knew he had been unhappy didn't know why.

This evening he told me that he was upset because his French teacher had written his name on the black board because he couldn't remember a particular word in French.(She'd asked him in front of the class so I thik he already felt a bit embarassed) Aparently she'd also written the name of another child.

I feel like saying something to the school becuase he was so upset by it, but think maybe he's being over sensitive......

waitingforbedtime Wed 16-Sep-09 18:38:21

I would say yes he is being oversensitive but the teacher is also not really acting appropriately if it is just that he couldnt remember and not that he was being 'naughty' or disruptive. Also, what is the point in writing names on the blackboard?!

faraday Wed 16-Sep-09 18:43:43

HOWEVER, my entire French experience at a GS was damaged by our French master publicly humiliating me, Day 3, because I couldn't recall that the French name I'd been given for school French purposes was pronounced in a certain way! It was Jeanne, pronounced 'Zyaaan'- a Frenchification of my MIDDLE name as my first couldn't be crow-barred into French! He called out all these newly conferred names, one by one, but I didn't recognise mine, hardly surprisingly!

I hated him forever and am CONVINCED his actions that day wrecked my enjoyment of my first foreign language! I WAS only 10 and terrified of him henceforth.

Almandine Wed 16-Sep-09 19:41:06

Hmm...she's a bit of an odd teacher, but hey. grin

He is now convinced he's rubbish at French. I lived in France for 2 years and couldn't remember the word! (French for elbow).

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