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Schools in North London N8

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2Siobhan Wed 16-Sep-09 18:21:18


I was just wondering if any on had any experiences of schools in N8. My son is due to stat Reception next september so will have to make my decision soon. So far I have only looked at Ofstead reports but I am thinking about calling to arrange a visit. My son has a speech and language delay and really want choose the right school to attend to his additional needs but I am not sure how to find out more.


mussyhillmum Wed 16-Sep-09 18:54:33

Is your son statemented? If not, you probably won't have a choice. Schools are so oversubscribed in N8 & N10 that where you live determines if and where you get a place. If you ring the primary education department of Haringey Council, they will be able to tell you which school(s) your son is likely to get into based on previous years catchment areas. Good luck and welcome to the madness which is schooling in London!

2Siobhan Wed 16-Sep-09 20:22:24

No he isn't but he is attending a language group 9.30-3.30 every day which he was referred to by his speech therapist and currently trying to find out if him having this will make a difference. Before he got this place I was going to send him to a school nursery and he was on the waiting list but was offered a full time place as soon as I gave the school the therapy report however I do know that the school admissions differ.


shoppers Wed 16-Sep-09 21:35:13

Don't forget you are not confined to looking in Haringey. We live in N4(haringey) but our children go to Ashmount, an Islington school, which is right on the borders. You may find one borough has a better reputation for dealing with special needs than the other so it's worth looking into. We are extremely happy with Ashmount and were not at all happy with a Haringey school but that is just our experience!

Good luck with it all.

hifi Thu 17-Sep-09 10:04:45

unfortunately there is little choice where you go, unless you want an undersubscribed one.
about 150 children didnt get a place this year in n8.even though you are given a choice on paper it will probably be the one you are nearest to that your child will go to.
have a look at Highgate,if you arnt in the catchment you could try and get on the waiting list or do as a friend of mine did and move in year 2.

2Siobhan Thu 17-Sep-09 20:18:03

Wow 150 kids didn't get a place. I am worried that my ds may be one of them if I aim for an oversubscribed school. Has any one any experience of either Campsbourne, Rokesley or Coleridge.

hifi Fri 18-Sep-09 14:25:52

rokesly and coleridge are the ones to get into, coleridge have 4 classes and rokesly have 3. quite a tight catchment area for boyh. not heard great things about campsbourne.

hifi Fri 18-Sep-09 14:28:17

go onto haringeys website for more info, try and find out which one you are nearest to.

hifi Fri 18-Sep-09 14:32:12

try this

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