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When do I need to start looking at primary schools and how does it all work?

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sanserif Wed 16-Sep-09 11:22:38


I live in SE London (SE1) and I have a 6m old boy. I'm from overseas, so I'm a bit confused about how the system here works and am hoping for some clarity.

Questions are:
W/R/T state schools, do I need to get on a list or how does the selection process work? And do RC and Anglican schools fall under the same process or different? How much does it matter if you're RC/Anglican to get into these schools?

And w/r/t private schools, when do I need to start looking? And again, how does the selection process work?

Answers appreciated!

beautifulgirls Wed 16-Sep-09 11:57:59

If you plan to use the state school system you will apply in the Autumn before you require entry into the school year - so I think that means you need to apply in Autumn 2012 for entry in Sept 2013/January 2014. Your local authority should have all this information about how the local selection process operates, and how the faith schools select pupils too. They quite probably have a website that will give you this information.
Re private schools a lot depends on the individual school. If you are interested in any you would do well to contact them now and see what arrangements they have for admissions and take it from there. Some will have a waiting list first come first served, and others will select pupils nearer to the time of admission from a complete list of applicants with no priority given to when you put your name down.

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