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Medical consent form

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womblingfree Tue 15-Sep-09 23:45:16

DD started school last Weds and came home on Friday with a consent form for us to sign, agreeing to her having medical, dental, opthalmic and hearing examinations at school.

All of these would occur as a matter of course without a parent being present.

TBH I am not particularly happy to consent to this - I think 5 is far too young to be undergoing these kinds of procedures without a parent present. In addition the medical staff involved would be from the town's main health centre, not the small, village surgery we attend.

DD is not madly keen on docs and has only just got her head round the idea of seeing our doc since the beginning of the year. She has regular dental checks and will have eye tests as we discovered a couple of months ago that she is short sighted, so I really see no benefit to school examinations either.

Do I have to consent or is it likely to cause issues with school if I don't? Am tempted to call and have a chat with the headmistress who seems lovely. I wouldn't rule out consenting to school medicals when DD's a bit older if I could see the need, but just feel she's far too young at the mo and that it's really not necessary.

1dilemma Wed 16-Sep-09 00:09:17

You can consent or not as you choose, you could also only consent to them being done if you were present.

We had this and I picked which ones I gave consent to.

Trouble is my dcs would never quite manage to tell me whether they had had them done or not.

Was a bit shock to discover dc2 had had an eye test at nursery recently and I don't remember giving consent, keep meaning to check whether dh did.

However I do approve and understand their motive so wont be complaining

Seona1973 Wed 16-Sep-09 08:23:17

dd had a dental and eye check at school (age 5). She does wear glasses but I had no issues with the eye test at school as it was just a basic one and it also confirmed her glasses are working ok.

SusieSan Thu 17-Sep-09 20:37:19

I remember was I was a child, an optician and Dr paid visits to primary schools in the very same way. I think this is excellent, providing that the staff take full responsibility for overseeing the examinations in the absence of parents. It is very convenient for families and brilliant for early detection of any health problems that parents may not have picked up. Bring back the old days!

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