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School dinners & food allergies

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aideesmum Tue 15-Sep-09 09:21:14

Good morning.
My ds is in Reception and last term before he started full time I had a meeting with the cook and the local authority representative to discuss his egg allergy and how this affects him having school dinners. There were extremely happy for him to have school dinners and would offer alternatives to the things he shouldn't have.
After speaking with my ds this morning he tells me they still put these certain things on his plate and he says he can't have them so they tell him to push it to one side shock. No I know he might distort the truth a bit but surely as I asked them not to give him ANYTHING with egg in they shouldn't even be putting it on his plate.
I know they have many children to serve dinners to but I didn't think I asked for much?!
Has anyone any experience with this? I'm sure I will have to arrange another meeting to discuss.

NikkiH Tue 15-Sep-09 10:05:06

In my opinion he shouldn't be given anything on his plate that contains egg. However, knowing how things can get distorted by little people could you have a quiet word with his teacher, explain the situation and ask him / her to check it out? It might be better than having another meeting with the catering team at this stage.

My eldest son is gluten intolerant and had school meals for years at primary school. I remember on one occasion they gave him a hot dog in a bun which he duly reported back to me. He had the presence of mind not to eat it but when I mentioned it to his teacher and she looked into it, it turned out that it was a new member of staff who'd served him and she hadn't been aware of his condition. It didn't happen again.

RustyBear Tue 15-Sep-09 10:43:08

It's quite likely there are new staff in the kitchen - I work at a junior school,and the kitchen staff, who are from an outside company seeem to change quite often, so all children with allergies have a photo and description of the allergens & reaction, plus action to be taken in case of reaction - we have copies in the medical room, staff room, teacher's box (so supply staff are aware) and in the kitchen. Perhaps you could suggest something like that to make sure everyone who needs to be is aware?

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