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Another "bright DS who doesn't pay attention"

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lisbey Mon 14-Sep-09 21:08:28

DS2 has just started Yr2, but has the same teacher as last year, so she knows him well already.

My mum collected him from school today and teacher asked for a word. The words were apparently "DS2 is such a bright little boy, but he will not pay attention on the carpet"

Now, I know keeping him focused can be a real challenge, but I'm not convinced it's any worse than other 6yo boys (he's almost youngest in class) I had the same complaint from DS1's Yr 1 teacher and got myself really worked up about it, but when he moved into another class where in his words, the work was harder, the new teacher had no complaints.

DS2 is going to be in the class for another year. As the teacher has raised it, I will arrange to talk to her about it, but I get the feeling I'm supposed to "do" something about it. I can just about get him to do as he's told when I'm there, but how am I supposed to get him to concentrate when I'm not?

What should I be asking/saying to the teacher?

echofalls Mon 14-Sep-09 22:02:05

I have worked with this age group (TA) and in experience it could be who he is sitting near when they are on the carpet, perhaps you could ask him who he sits beside and have a little chat about ignoring others when they are having a carry on. Normally teachers with this age group give out soft toys to hold, they give them to children who are demonstrating good listening bodies. This encourages children to sit nicely in the space.

Talk to your DS first to rule out any problems, it could even be that he is uncomfy sitting on the carpet!

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 15-Sep-09 08:13:14

If you find a way of focussing their attention, please let me know. This has been my dd's 'problem' since she first began at school and continues to this day. She isn't disruptive or 'naughty', but goes off into her own little world.

mumofboy Tue 15-Sep-09 08:15:51

I don't think it's normal to hand out soft toys on the carpet!

Year 2 is a steep learning curve - children tend to make lots of progress in a relatively short time, including thier behaviour. I agree with echofalls that you should talk to your child about his choices on the carpet - just a "what happened yesterday?" should do it.

The teacher probably wants you to reinforce what she's asking him to do ie "you really need to listen on the carpet or you won't know what to do" "if you don't listen your leaning will suffer" "at school Miss ***** is in charge and you have to do what she tells you" "if Johnny is talking to you you need to ignore him or tell the teacher"

I wouldn't bother talking to the teacher at this point, she just wants you to back her up. If the problem continues I'd talk to her then. I'm sure he is no worse than other yr 2 boys and I'm sure the teacher is talking to other partents too, it's the beginning of term, she needs to establish her rules. And your child needs to know you and the teacher are on the same side.

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